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International Cultural Projects


LABOO7 is a professional network devoted to multilingual theater productions for young audiences. It is built on extensive knowledge of the international contemporary youth repertoire in all its diversity, and on the vast creativity in the various forms of writing, their scope and musicality on stage. It was created in 2007 in Europe, with support from the SACD, and is now reaching out to the rest of the world as a popular and exacting ambassador of the theater, a source for all types of current playwriting for children and teens.

To achieve this goal, LABOO7 has focused on 5 elements: promoting contemporary plays selected by its reading committees; translating the plays in both directions in an active and inventive way; writing original projects for the stage driven by the concept of multilingualism; French, European and international cultural initiatives targeting a variety of circles; extensive long-term outreach designed to create a sustainable international network.

Children and teens deserve the best in contemporary writing for the stage.

Composed of professionals from all fields of the theater, the reading committees read, discuss, select and circulate recent contemporary plays that are important and representative so that each participating country may gradually constitute its own international library of plays for young audiences (very young, young & teenage). The French reading committee has 17 members. Other reading committees are being formed in Sweden, England and Quebec. There are reader-correspondents in 5 other countries. So far there are 4 Briefcases, with 10 to 15 plays (and their translations). The Briefcases are circulating among other French and European reading committees for young audiences, in theaters, festivals, and among companies, directors and publishers.

For the purpose of promoting the plays we are encouraging translations of the selected texts in association with an increasing role for translators throughout the process of creating stage productions. The rigorous translations - traditional or by the translator and playwright – form the basis for high-quality surtitles and sometimes involve a translator-performer who takes part in the performance. Linguistic differences should no longer be an obstacle but rather an incentive in productions for young audiences. Our groundbreaking experiments receive regular support from organizations such as Beaumarchais-SACD, the Maison Antoine Vitez, the Baltic Center and others.

Pooling our resources, we have designed original multilingual projects by bringing together several playwrights from different countries and cultures, and by supporting others. Projects so far have included: Ank Ang ! (je suis un Oi sauvage), a multilingual theater series (8 episodes, 8 playwrights, 7 languages), staged readings in various European countries, and at the ASSITEJ 2012 World Congress; Rose, Rose, Rose, by Malin Axelsson, Karin Serres and Marianne Ségol, a multilingual play for teens focusing on the issue of gender, premiering in 2013/2014 at Ung Scen/öst, Linköping (Sweden); Chimären/Chimères, by Pamela Dürr and Sylvain Levey, a bilingual play for teens on carnival freaks, with support from Grenzgänger, staged by Anne Contensou at the Thalia Theater Halle (Germany) then at the Théâtre de la Tête Noire (France) in 2011/2012. All the projects are produced in collaboration with nationally and internationally recognized institutions that are gradually building up a lasting, extremely high-quality network.

Through inventive and thoughtful cultural initiatives we are building connections with young audiences and the adults around them with the aim of making them active and independent. Audiences are the fundamental target of all stage productions: "European reading committees in schools," with Postures, the "Reading plays in families" project, focusing on enjoyment in reading aloud, training young actors and theater professionals (drama schools, etc.), workshops and transcribing oral memories in various milieus, open rehearsals, public and professional colloquiums, active participation in other networks (Assitej France board meetings), publications, etc.

For the past 5 years our sphere of influence has developed through original work, openness to other countries, and an experimental and cooperative attitude. Our participation in international productions for young audiences has grown increasingly active, from the writing phase to the stage: 25 staged readings of texts selected by our committees in France, England, Italy, Sweden and Russia. Numerous productions based on our translations, including Je suis une bulle by Malin Axelsson, translated by Marianne Ségol (Odyssées en Yvelines 2011), in conjunction with Rose, Rose, Rose. Between 2010 and 2012, there were 4 French productions in Sweden of plays by Joël Pommerat, Catherine Anne, Claudine Galea and Karin Serres. 3 projects for French productions in the 2013/2014 season of Le mardi où Morty est mort by Rasmus Lindberg, a Swedish playwright whose text was published with our support, translated by Marianne Ségol and Karin Serres (Espaces 34), as well as other European playwrights, by Théâtrales jeunesse.
We have also been involved in major international events (Reims Scènes d'Europe 2011, 2012, 2013; Assitej 2012 World Congress) where our expertise in the field of theater for children and teens and multilingual productions is highly sought after. The same recognition has been forthcoming on a national level, where our knowledge and international scope have been widely acknowledged (Jeune Public 2012 manifesto, Ficep, literary meetings at the BNF).


Our web site is in the process of being completely redesigned and will retrace all projects from the past 6 years, providing an international literary and theatrical data base inventorying all our partners, including theaters and other institutions, playwrights, translators and directors we have worked with in France and abroad.

"Les Correspondants"
, a project for a theater production for teens focusing on the world of linguistic exchanges, 2013/2016, with support from the Petits & Grands festival (Nantes), Le Moulin du Roc (Niort), the Institut Suédois, the Forum culturel autrichien, the Croatian Ministry of Culture … co-production in progress. Participative workshops, readings and public rehearsals in collaboration with schools. The first participants have come from Austria, Croatia, France and Sweden.

The anthology Les écritures théâtrales d'aujourd'hui pour les enfants et les adolescents en Europe (European Playwriting Today for Children and Teens), published in collaboration with the Maison Antoine Vitez and Editions Théâtrales, November 2013. This exceptional document will provide a snapshot of playwriting for young audiences in over 26 European countries as well as numerous excerpts from unpublished plays translated into French, cross-disciplinary professional reflections and a broad spectrum of existing multilingual plays. The publication of this unique book will generate meetings, readings and colloquia in the field of European culture over the long term in a profusion of theatrical, cultural and literary venues.

Karin Serres, for LABOO7
April 2013


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