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Actes du Théâtre Newsletter

Editor-in-chief: Sabine Bossan
International Relations: Sandrine Grataloup
Translator: William Snow

From 1995 to the end of 2006, Entr’Actes published and distributed to theatre professionals around the world two issues per year of Actes du Théâtre, a bilingual (French-English) review devoted to contemporary French-language theatre.
Actes du Théâtre published its last hard copy with issue n° 22 devoted to humour.
Henceforth, the Actes du Théâtre Newsletter will be sent out quarterly via email.
In its columns, Actes du Théâtre will report on plays that that are currently running or being translated, as well as activities abroad involving our playwrights, and will also feature an array of other sections and links.

Actes du Théâtre will propose a selection of texts by living French-language playwrights that are being staged at the moment. This Playwright Database is a means to promote works from our contemporary repertoire both in France and abroad.
The world of playwriting today is a vibrant one. Actes du Théâtre hopes to share that world with you in all its current diversity and to provide coverage of these dynamic plays about our times, desires and dreams as they are being written, day by day.

Sabine Bossan is the editor-in-chief of the newsletter and coordinator of the reading committee.
Sandrine Grataloup is in charge of promoting plays abroad and writes the newsletter’s international section.

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