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David Léon
Photo : Lola Carrère
David Léon

List of works mentioned in Actes du Théâtre :
Sauver la peau

Actes du Théâtre n°94 October 2016

David Léon's work is published by Éditions Espaces 34. His first play was released in 2011
- Un Batman dans ta tête, a favorite of the Panta Théatre reading committee, selected by the Comédie-Française reading group (2012) and by the Théâtre de l'Ephémère reading committee. The play was staged in 2014 by Cie Exit, performed by Thomas Blanchard at the CDN les Treize vents and at the Théâtre La loge.
Père et Fils came out in September 2012.
In 2014 he published his third play:
Sauver la peau, awarded a production grant from the Centre National du Théâtre, and a finalist for the Grand Prix de littérature dramatique 2015, it was given a staged reading at Théâtre Ouvert by Stanislas Nordey in February 2014 then staged at Théâtre Ouvert in January 2015 by Cie Exit, starring Manuel Vallade.
Sauver la peau was also directed by Christophe Hocké for France Culture radio.
His play Un jour nous serons humains (published in 2014) was presented at Sujets à Vifs 2014 (SACD/ Festival d'Avignon) in collaboration with dancer-choreographer Emmanuel Eggermont; and a reading was held by Stanislas Nordey at Théâtre Ouvert. The play was an award-winner at the Journées de Lyon des auteurs de Théâtre 2014, and a favorite of the Théâtre de l'Ephémère reading committee.
La Nuit la Chair was published in 2016 and staged by Alexis Lameda-Wakssman, starring Stéphanie Marc. Neverland will be published in January 2017, with a staged reading by Blandine Savetier at Théâtre Ouvert in May 2016. Awarded a production grant from the Centre National du Théâtre, the play will premiere on France Culture's Fictions, directed by Christophé Hocké.