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Claudine Galea
Photo : DR
Claudine Galea

List of works mentioned in Actes du Théâtre :
Après grand c'est comment ?
Je reviens de loin
Les Idiots
Petite Poucet
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Actes du Théâtre n°73 May 2014

Claudine Galea was born in 1960 in Marseille. She has had a dozen plays published, four novels, a travel book and a dozen books for children and adolescents. Au Bord was awarded the Grand Prix de littérature dramatique in 2011. Translated into Greek, Danish, Spanish, Japanese, and productions are in progress in those countries. Les Invisibles was awarded a production grant in June 2012, a reading of it was held at La Mousson staged by Michel Didym, and it was aired on France Culture. L’été où le ciel s’est renversé was staged by Eve Ledig, le Fil Rouge Théâtre, in 2012 ar the TJP in Strasbourg. Her new play, Au bois, is to be published in 2014 by éditions Espaces 34, which has also published her other plays.
In 2014 on tour: three plays for children, Après grand c’est comment ?, staged by Muriel Coadou (Collectif 7), La Nuit MêmePasPeur, staged by Patrice Douchet (Théâtre de La Tête Noire), and L'Heure blanche & Toutes leurs robes noires, staged by Patrick Séraudie (Théâtre Folavril).
She has also written a dozen plays for radio, aired on France Culture and France Inter. Prix Radio SACD in 2009, Prix des Radiophonies for Sept vies de Patti Smith in 2008, directed by Marguerite Gateau.
Her novels for adults include: Le corps plein d’un rêve, Le Bel Echange, Jusqu'aux Os, La Brune, published by Rouergue - L'amour d'une femme, Ed. du Seuil - Morphoses, a graphic novel about gender with Goele Dewanckel, Rouergue - Un amour prodigue, Ed. Thierry Magnier, Coll. PhotoRoman.
For young adults, published by Rouergue: La fille qui parle à la mer & Le garçon au chien parlant Collection Boomerang, 2013 as well as: Rouge Métro, Entre les vagues, A mes AmourEs (illustrations Thisou), Au pays de Titus, Sans toi (illustrations Goele Dewanckel).