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Pierre Sauvil
Photo : Agnès Guiméneuf
Pierre Sauvil

List of works mentioned in Actes du Théâtre :
La Surprise
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(Actes du Théâtre N°11 July 1999-January 2000) - Last Updated 2005

Pierre Sauvil, after writing for radio and television for many years, now devotes his time to writing for the theatre. His plays are all based on the same principle: a serious subject handled with a light touch.
His plays include: Le Portefeuille (dir. by Jean-Luc Moreau, Th. Saint-Georges, Paris 1995), Soleil pour deux (dir. by Christian Bujeau, Th. Montparnasse, Paris 1998; éd. L'Avant-Scène; translated into Italian and Germany, performed in Germany), La Surprise (dir. by Annick Blancheteau, Th. Saint-Georges, Paris 1999, starring Darry Cowl; éd. L’Avant-Scène, performed in Poland), Une femme de trop (adapt. from the American play that was the source of the famous TV series Columbo, Th. Le Temple 2005).
Pierre Sauvil also wrote the screenplay for the television film Première Neige (Arte, 1999).