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Luc Tartar
Photo : Arno Gisinger
Luc Tartar

List of works mentioned in Actes du Théâtre :
En découdre
Les Yeux d'Anna
Papa Alzheimer
Terre d’asile
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Actes du Théâtre 73 May 2014

Luc Tartar, a playwright, novelist and actor, has been awarded several grants from the Ministère de la Culture, from the Centre National du Livre and the Ile-de-France region. He has written two novels, Le marteau d’Alfred and Sauvez Régine, published by Editions de l’Amandier, as well as twenty plays, published by Editions Lansman and Editions Théâtrales, including Papa Alzheimer, En voiture Simone, Mademoiselle J’affabule et les chasseurs de rêves, S’embrasent, Roulez jeunesse !, Les yeux d’Anna, En découdre, ayaM... , S’embrasent, produced by the Théâtre Bluff, Quebec, staged by Eric Jean, and Roulez jeunesse !, produced by the Rêve Général company, staged by Marie Normand, which has been crisscrossing France and Quebec since 2009. Les yeux d’Anna, Prix de l’Inédithéâtre 2010, and S’embrasent were translated into Spanish by Humberto Pérez-Mortera and performed in Mexico City, staged by Boris Schoemann and Hugo Arrevillaga. Madame Placard à l'hôpital was written in 2013 thanks to a grant from Beaumarchais-SACD. Mutin !, Fonds SACD 2013 prizewinner, a play that deals with men executed by firing squads during the Great War, will be staged in Avion in February 2014 (Culture Commune program, Scène Nationale de Loos-en-Gohelle) then on tour along the old front lines, by the L'art mobile company, staged by Gil Bourasseau.

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