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Stéphanie Marchais
Photo : DR
Stéphanie Marchais

List of works mentioned in Actes du Théâtre :
Corps étrangers
C’est mon jour d’indépendance
Dans ma cuisine, je t’attends
[ print version ]

(Actes du Théâtre N°37 - February 2010)

Stéphanie Marchais began writing for the theatre following her career as an actress.
She has written ten plays, including Dans ma cuisine je t’attends - writing residency at the Th. du Chêne Vert (Vendée), writing prize from the city of Guérande, award-winning play at the Val d'Oise playwriting contest, grant from the Centre National du Livre and the Ministère de la Culture (dir. by Rémi Veux at Aktéon in Paris, November 2009; dir. by Benoît Lahoz at Espace Kiron in Paris, November-December 2006; broadcast on France Culture, June 2004, RFO and RFI and on German radio, January 2006; L’Avant-Scène théâtre Coll. des Quatre-Vents, 2004), Le Goûter (short play; commissioned by Théâtrales Charles Dullin; residency at La Chartreuse; published in the review Gare au Théâtre in 2004; performed at Gare au Théâtre in Vitry), C’est mon jour d’indépendance (public reading in Nîmes for Textes Nus - Mots d’Auteurs, an event organized by the SACD as part of its cultural initiatives for radio, then broadcast on France Culture in October 2004, RFO, RFI; dir. by Pierre Carrive, Th. de la Luna in Avignon, July 2010; Quartett Editions, 2006), Des fanfares dans la tête (short play; commissioned by Théâtrales Charles Dullin; performed at Gentilly and Alfortville as part of Théâtrales Charles Dullin); Verticale de fureur - award-winning play at the Journées de Lyon for playwrights (dir. by Michel Pruner, Th. Pierre Tabard in Montpellier, then at the Th. des Marronniers in Lyon, May 2010; dir. by Christophe Rouxel, Th. Icare in Saint-Nazaire, 2011 season; Quartett Editions, 2008), Portrait de famille sous un ciel crevé - Ministère de la Culture production grant in 2005 (Quartett Editions, 2009), Corps étrangers (Quartett Editions, 2010).
Most of her plays have been staged and continue to be performed on a regular basis, broadcast on France Culture, translated for German radio and read in public.
Her work, focusing mainly on language and literary elements, has received support from the Ministère de la Culture and the Centre National du Livre.
Stéphanie Marchais has also led writing workshops, including:
writing a piece with physically handicapped students at the Lycée de Flavigny; writing stories with primary schoolchildren at the Ecole Saint-Jacques in Paris; writing mini-plays performed in Vendée; writing free plays with primary schoolchildren at the Ecole Pasteur and Ecole La Plaine in Taverny, and at the Lycée Voltaire in Asnières; writing workshops at Saint-Joseph in Vincennes.