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Sylvain Levey
Portrait : DR
Sylvain Levey

List of works mentioned in Actes du Théâtre :
Au pays des
Ô ciel la procréation est plus aisée que l’éducation
Pour rire pour passer le temps
[ print version ]

(Actes du Théâtre N° 47 March 2011)

Sylvain Levey was born in 1973. He was associate playwright at the Théâtre Gérard-Philipe de Saint-Denis (with Lancelot Hamelin, Philippe Malone and Michel Simonot, with whom he founded the Petrol collective) in 2006-2007; he collaborated with the Comédie de Valence in 2006 and with the Institut international de la marionnette in Charleville-Mézières in 2007; was commissioned by the Compagnie Ariadne to write Alice pour le moment; was writer in residence with the Compagnie Issue de Secours in Villepinte in 2008-2009. In 2009-2010 he was associate playwright at the Espace 600 in Grenoble. Abroad: writer in residence at the Sala Beckett (Barcelona), at the Théâtre Les Gros Becs (Quebec), and as part of Labo07 in Stockholm.
He was awarded a prize at the Journées de Lyon des Auteurs de Théâtre 2003 and at Nîmes Culture 2004 for Ô ciel la procréation est plus aisée que l’éducation, as well as a discovery grant from the Centre national du livre in 2006. He has written fifteen plays, most of them published by éditions Théâtrales and staged by Anne Courel, Laurent Maindon, Cyril Teste and Pierre Tual.
He currently lives and works in Paris.