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Philippe Malone
Photo : Mariette Navarro
Philippe Malone

List of works mentioned in Actes du Théâtre :
Bien lotis
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Actes du Théâtre n° 69 November 2013

Philippe Malone is a writer and photographer. He has written fifteen plays, including Pasaran , Titsa, Morituri, III, L’Entretien, Septembres and Krach. His plays have been read and performed on stage and radio in France and abroad on a regular basis. His work has been translated into German, Polish and Italian.
He has just finished a musical comedy, Lost in a supermarket, as well as a periurban story, Bien lotis, for Laurent Vacher-Compagnie du Bredin, with whom he has collaborated for over ten years. The two plays were first staged in 2013.
He is currently working with musicians Franck Vigroux and Franco Manarra, and is a co-writer with the group Petrol (Lancelot Hamelin, Sylvain Levey and Michel Simonot).
He was awarded CNL grants in 2001 and 2008 (a production grant for Septembres). He has been awarded several writing and production grants since 2000 for various plays.
His work has been published by les Solitaires Intempestifs, Quartett, Espaces 34 and Théâtrales (with Petrol).