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Pierre Palmade
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Pierre Palmade

List of works mentioned in Actes du Théâtre :
Le Fils du comique
Pierre & fils (with Christophe Duthuron)
[ print version ]

Pierre Palmade is a versatile artist, as he likes to point out in his latest one-man-show J’ai jamais été vieux. He writes and performs in all his productions, has acted in films and tried his hand successfully at television entertainment in Le Grand Dîner and Le Grand Restaurant among others.
But Palmade achieved these results through a lot of hard, methodical and demanding work. In 1988, he left his native Bordeaux for Paris where he performed his first show at the Tintamarre. At the same time, he made his debut in La Classe on FR3 and was an immediate success. Pierre Palmade, who was 19 at the time, already possessed a highly personal physique, style and way of writing. He was the youngest comedian in France.
He met Muriel Robin that same year and collaborated on her one-woman-show, further boosting his career. Pierre Palmade became a true phenomenon! He began writing and co-writing for leading comedians from Jacqueline Maillan and Jean-Marie Bigard to Mimie Mathy and Guy Bedos.
Such talent couldn’t be confined to the stage, so naturally filmmakers began seeking him out. He took his first steps in film in Pierre Richard’s On peut toujours rêver in 1990, then in Je t’aime quand même by Nina Companeez (1994), Astérix et Obélix contre César (1998), after which he met Diane Kurys and acted in L’Anniversaire (2005) and in Sagan (2008), a role that won him critical acclaim. He has written a number of films, including Pédale douce directed by Gabriel Aghion (1996), Oui by Alexandre Jardin (1996), and Absolument Fabuleux by Gabriel Aghion (2000).
But his biggest triumphs have been on stage ever since his first one-man-show in 1989, Ma mère aime beaucoup ce que je fais, staged by Sylvie Joly. Nothing could stop Pierre Palmade. All told, he had created a string of seven one-man-shows by 2000. Meanwhile, he met Michèle Laroque with whom he formed an unforgettable tandem in Ils s’aiment and Ils se sont aimés. Working with her made him want to act in a troupe, so after Si c’était à refaire by Laurent Ruquier (2005) and Pierre et Fils which he co-wrote with Christophe Duthuron (2007), he wrote Le Comique (2008) for which he chose some amazingly talented young actors. That same year, his play Fugueuses was a triumph on stage and when it was broadcast on France 2.
2010 was a journey back to his roots for Pierre Palmade with his one-man-show J’ai jamais été aussi vieux. As for 2011, it gave him a chance to work with Isabelle Mergault at the Porte Saint-Martin from January to June, and to write and then have the second part of Le Grand Restaurant II broadcast on France 2 at prime time. 2012 saw the eagerly anticipated return of the famous Pierre Palmade / Michèle Laroque duo in part three of Ils se RE-aiment.
Despite his busy schedule, in September 2009 Pierre Palmade created the Atelier Populaire Bénévole for which he auditioned many actors and actresses. About thirty of them get together on Monday evenings to act in sketches written or co-written by each of them, with careful observations and advice from their teacher. Their efforts were rewarded by a production featuring their sketches at the Gaîté-Montparnasse on Sundays and Mondays from October 02, 2011 to April 30, 2012.
He was awarded the SACD’s Comedy/One-Man-Show Prize in June 2013. His play Le Fils du comique opened in September 2013 at the Théâtre Saint-Georges and was a resounding success.