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Denise Bonal
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Denise Bonal

List of works mentioned in Actes du Théâtre :
De dimanche en dimanche
Les Pas perdus
Passions et prairie
Portrait de famille
Turbulences et Petits Détails
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(Actes du Théâtre N° 50 May 2011)

Denise Bonal “A bio might look like this: ‘I was born, I cried, I fell down a few times, I tried to understand the world. I died.’ It could also look like this: ‘I was born, I cried, I fell down many times, I fell in love, I worked as an actress in various regional theatres in the farthest reaches of France. I tried to teach the rules of the profession to young people as hungry as I had been. I wanted to write, but the great playwrights I admired blocked my way despite themselves. Then one day they let me pass, for which I thank them. Were they right? That’s another story.”
Denise Bonal is the author of: Légère en août, Les Moutons de la nuit, Honorée par un petit monument, Lit vers Léthé, Portrait de famille, nominated for four 2004 Molières awards, earning Denise Bonal the Molière for Best Living French-language Playwright, Passions et prairie, Une femme sans conséquence, Féroce comme le cœur, Turbulences et petits détails, Les Pas perdus, De dimanche en dimanche, Grand Prize for Playwriting in 2006, Les Tortues vennent toutes seules.
Her plays, translated into a number of languages, are published by éditions Théâtrales.
Denise Bonal passed away on April 24, 2011.

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