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Mariannick Bellot
Photo : Anaïs Bellot
Mariannick Bellot

List of works mentioned in Actes du Théâtre :
Comme un pied
[ print version ]

Mariannick Bellot, studied to be a screenwriter, and now writes and directs documentaries and fiction for the radio.
She was awarded the SACD New Radio Talent Prize in 2009, and for her work with ARTE Radio she won the Europa Special Prize for a Radio Series twice: in 2008 for Le Bocal (a sound cartoon about office life) made with Christophe Rault, and in 2011 for Comme un pied (a fable about football), made with Arnaud Forest.
Both plays can be heard or downloaded at
She was also awarded a group prize from SCAM for her documentary Sur les Docks (France Culture) in 2006, and was recently a finalist at the New York Festivals for her documentary Mais pourquoi tu m’enregistres en train de faire le café ?, made with Laurent Bénaïm for Libération (available at ).
She is currently working on the stage play Or not To by Anne Claude Romarie, for a production scheduled in February 2013.