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Xavier Durringer
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Xavier Durringer

List of works mentioned in Actes du Théâtre :
Des jours entiers, des nuits entières
La Promise
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(Actes du Théâtre N°55 February 2012)

Xavier Durringer was born in Paris in 1963. From 1989 to 2005 he ran his own theater company, La Lézarde, for whom he wrote and staged plays. His productions were soon highly successful, and publishing his plays led to a large number of new productions all over France. In 2004, Judith Magre was awarded the Molière for Best actress for Histoires d’hommes, staged by Michel Didym.
His work has had a considerable impact abroad, where his plays have been translated in more than thirty countries.
Plays published by éditions Théâtrales in the “Répertoire contemporain” collection include: Bal-trap/Une envie de tuer sur le bout de la langue (1994; 2010); Chroniques des jours entiers, des nuits entières (1996); Une petite entaille (1997; 2004, nouvelle édition);
Confession (in Petites Pièces d’auteurs, 1998); Surfeurs (1998); La Quille/22.34 (1999) ; Fidélité (in Petites Pièces d’auteurs 2, 2000); La Nuit à l’envers/Ex-voto (2000); La Promise (2001); Chroniques 2, quoi dire de plus du coq ? (2002);
Histoires d’hommes (2003); Les Déplacés (2005); Solitaire (in 25 Petites Pièces d’auteurs, 2007). And in the “Théâtrales Jeunesse” collection: Choco BN and Petits Poissons (in Théâtre en court 1, 2005).
Durringer writes in a very oral, physical, instinctive style that sticks close to the body and to the times. He draws his inspiration from street speech, personal quests, and world culture. He works wonders with monologues and short dialogue, chronicles of characters on the fringes (youth, the unemployed, immigrants) and portraits of women and men shown in all their vulnerability.
Since 1993 he has written and also directed feature-length and TV films; his latest feature-length film, La Conquête, was shown as part of the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011.