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What is Entr'Actes?

Hosted by the SACD (French Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers), Entr'Actes is a bilingual (French-English) website designed to promote the works of living French-language playwrights.

The plays chosen by the Entr'Actes reading committee and promoted abroad by the SACD represent a wide spectrum of playwriting trends.

To better achieve its goals, Entr'Actes has developed new visuals and rubrics, an electronic version of Actes du Théâtre with more frequent issues reflecting our playwrights’ current activities in France and abroad, and a crucial online Translation Database.

There is also a new rubric entitled News from Abroad featuring information about SACD promotion and international cultural activities.

Sabine Bossan is the editor-in-chief of the newsletter and coordinator of the reading committee.
Sandrine Grataloup is in charge of promoting plays abroad and writes the newsletter’s international rubric.

Welcome to Entr’Actes!

Contacts |
Sabine Bossan
Tel. : +33 (0)1 40 23 44 14

Contact |
Sandrine Grataloup (international)
Tel. : +33 (0)1 40 23 47 56

SACD | 11 bis, rue Ballu – 75442 PARIS CEDEX 09 – France