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Maison des Auteurs

A convivial place where creative artists can work and meet.

If you need a place in Paris to schedule a professional appointment, meet with other artists and work for a few hours, the Maison des Auteurs is there for you. The Maison des Auteurs is designed to meet sacd members’ different needs for meeting and working.

The Maison des Auteurs opened in 1997, an initiative of the authors themselves. In addition to the services provided there – a place to work, write, schedule appointments, hold readings and rehearsals – they wanted a space where they could meet other people and create a community of artists, where they could exchange information and ideas, and help their work move forward, with support from the sacd. This center for information, exchanges and activities for sacd members is also open to artists from other disciplines connected to the performing arts (multimedia artists, documentary writers, musicians, photographers, etc.).

The Maison des Auteurs is part of the sacd, a true product of the Society’s recent history. In the past several years, it has seen fit to create a wider scope for itself in addition to merely collecting and distributing funds. This is consistent with Beaumarchais’s early statements and changing legislation regarding authors’ rights, as well as with cultural policies arising from the need for a more pro-active defence and greater media coverage of French-style author’s rights, and with the necessity to show a united front against various threats to artistic creation (economic imperatives making works of art ’’products’’), as we deal with the precarious situation of artists who can no longer afford to remain isolated and are struggling to earn a living and promote their work.

In its own way, the Maison des Auteurs hopes to meet the further needs and expectations of its authors through this unique initiative in the field of performing arts in France.

The Maison des Auteurs offers sacd members a 600 m2 space divided into several areas.
The Café des Auteurs is a place for writing and meeting people where you can also read the daily and weekly press, professional journals and guides, and announcements for contests involving all sacd fields of activity. A notice board for classified ads is available for those seeking co-authors, actors, technicians, rehearsal space, and even equipment and apartments. A bar, open throughout the day, adds to the conviviality of the place and is available for receptions at certain times.
The Documentation Center on the first floor features documents published by the sacd (the Lettre aux Auteurs, guides by field, grants for financing film and television productions, the Revue de la sacd, and Actes du Théâtre) and programmes for French cultural centers, festivals and theaters. For working alone or in a group, there are five offices with card-operated telephones which can be booked in advance, as well as a large meeting room, a cyberspace where you can surf the web and three booths for watching videocassettes.
– In the basement, there is an excellent theater designed for screenings and staged readings. Artists and companies can present their work here to the audience of their choice. It accommodates 72 people in comfortable seats.

The Maison des Auteurs also organises events of all kinds, from photo exhibitions, lectures, discussions and round tables to awards ceremonies. Audiences love to go there – whether in the Café des Auteurs for a drink or in the auditorium downstairs. All the events are mentioned in the Lettre aux Auteurs and on the sacd website.

The Maison des Auteurs – a platform for the sacd in its drive to better serve its members by strengthening its image and influence – is a showcase for the performing arts and the sacd, its activities, ideas and struggles.

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La Maison des Auteurs

7, rue Ballu – 75442 PARIS CEDEX 09 – France
tél. : +33 (0)1 40 23 46 39

Mon.- Thurs. : 10am - 6:30pm
Friday : 10am - 5:45pm
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