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Theatre news
Action Spectacles is a new review on the world of performing arts
The purpose of this quarterly review created by the Centre français du théâtre is to provide a forum for all performing arts professionals as well as for theatre-lovers. Three issues have already come out in the summer of 2001, autumn 2001, and January 2002.

Prix Plaisir du théâtre - 9 November 2001
Dramatist and director Jean-Michel Ribes was awarded the Prix Plaisir du théâtre on 9 November 2001, given to him by Bertrand Poirot-Delpech of the Académie française, President of the jury. The award is for his overall career.

A venue for contemporary playwrights, the Théâtre du Rond-Point - 20 November 2001
Playwright and director Jean-Michel Ribes was named director of the Théâtre du Rond-Point for five years by Catherine Tasca, Minister of Culture and Communication, and Bertrand Delanoë, the Mayor of Paris. He succeeds Marcel Maréchal, who left in December 2000. A Mecca of dramatic art, which housed Madeleine Renaud and Jean-Louis Barrault, it is henceforth dedicated to contemporary playwriting. This decision takes into account requests from a hundred dissatisfied playwrights who demanded a theatre devoted entirely to that purpose. The nomination was hailed as "historic" by the SACD, which sees it as "the promise of a renewal of contemporary playwriting".

L'Académie expérimentale du théâtre has ceased its activities - December 2001
After twelve years of activity Michelle Kokosowoski has ended her initiative. Numerous theatre personalities came to salute her between 1-10 December 2001 at the Théâtre du Rond-Point. The organisation's archives, as well as her personal archives, including numerous works about playwrights (Pasolini, Müller, Novarina, Gabily, Koltès, Genet) were given to IMEC (Institut mémoires de l'édition contemporaine/Contemporary Publishing Archives).

Les Journées de Lyon des auteurs de théâtre - 14-15 December 2001
Six plays were chosen out of 230 received by the jury and are given staged readings at this event. The plays were: Travaille ta fatigue by Christian Peythieu, Mes gaillards by Alain Sevestre, Colza by Karine Serres, Le Livre de la jungle by Stéphane Hogue, "… s'obstinent, persévèrent, s'enferrent", by Jean-Claude Hauvuy, Le Collier d'Hélène by Carole Fréchette.

La Maison Antoine-Vitez celebrates its tenth anniversary - 15-16 December 2001
The anniversary was celebrated in Montpellier, with two days devoted to developing an ideological charter on theatre translators' rights and duties, as well as to staged readings of plays, presenting stagings, etc.

Les Contemporaines à La Chartreuse - 25-27 January 2002
During this festival, artists present their projects to producers and presenters who are interested in new work. This year's programme featured: L'Œil du jour by Jean-Marc Lantéri, L'Adoration by Jean-René Lemoine, L'Association by David Lescot, Le Dire troublé des choses by Patrick Lerch, Le Début de l'A by Pascal Rambert, Encore merci by Sophie Lannefranque, La Mécanique de la tangente by Patrick Rétali, Je reviens de loin by Claudine Galea, Réserve d'acteurs by Christophe Tarkos, Olivier Cadiot, Valère Novarina , etc., Le Collier d'Hélène by Carole Fréchette, Les Pousse-Pions by Marion Aubert, Gens d'ici Gens d'ailleurs by Serge Valletti.

New Director at the Théâtre de l'Est Parisien - 1st January 2002
Playwright and director Catherine Anne succeeds Guy Rétoré at the TEP, where she intends to "put living playwrights back in the theatre" with a special focus on young audiences in her programming.

Théâtres, a new magazine - January-February 2002
Under the direction of Pierre Laville, the table of contents of the first issue of Théâtres shows the steadfast diversity of contemporary theatre, including plays on the boards, current events and interviews with well-known people in the theatre.