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Vienna, in the eyes of three French playwrights

The 8th year of the Journées du théâtre français (French Theatre Festival) will take place at the French Institute in Vienna on 9, 10 and 11 April 2002. We asked the organisers to report on the event.

We are interested in showing Austrian audiences how French-language playwrights see the Vienna and Austria of today and yesterday. The three plays to be read - in German by actors from the Volkstheater and in French by the playwrights themselves - illustrate these issues by dealing with psychoanalysis from a philosophical viewpoint (Le Visiteur, by Éric-Emmanuel. Schmitt, Actes Sud-Papiers), with the escape into the world of art when faced with an unbearable reality (Toujours l'orage, by Enzo Cormann, Minuit) and with the development of a young man named Adolf from a socio-cultural standpoint (Vienne 1913, by Alain Didier-Weill).
An encounter with the playwrights and other French and Austrian participants will be held in order to go more deeply into these issues, as well as to present the three playwrights and their work.
One day during the festival will be devoted to a workshop in which extracts from the plays will be translated into German, with the help of the playwright and under the aegis of Heinz Schwarzinger. The goal is to integrate the German translation into the reading on the last night. Heinz Schwarzinger will also direct the staged readings of the plays at Clam Gallas Palace.
The project is based on a desire to promote contemporary French playwrights in countries where they perhaps have few opportunities to go. The projected audiences include students of Romance languages, from the Translation Institute, from the Theatre Studies Institute and other drama schools, as well as theatre professionals (publishers and presenters) who will also be invited.