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Editorial : Playwright Connection

By the time you receive issue n°17, the brand new, redesigned Entr'Actes website will be accessible -in French and English- at the same address:
Many thanks to the Communications Department and the International Promotion and Licensing Division for their help in creating it.
You can access many different areas on the site, starting with the ''Playwright Database'' section featuring presentations of all the plays mentioned in Actes du Théâtre since its creation in 1995 -a total of 370 plays and 350 playwrights including photos. Searches can be made by name, title, number of characters, etc.
At ''New Plays in Print'', another section, you'll find a list of theatrical publishing houses -about thirty of them- with their websites and the names of the plays by contemporary French-language playwrights, or books involving the theatre, published during the six months covered in the review.
Under ''In the Spotlight'', you'll see which contemporary playwrights are on the boards during the 2003-2004 season, the names of the plays, where they are being staged in France, and links to the theatres' websites. I have no desire to launch a nationwide version of L'Officiel des Spectacles or Pariscope, but I feel it's important to venture out of the capital whenever possible. Therefore, the programming is listed for the theatre season in Paris, the Greater Paris area, and the rest of France.
''Translation Database'', another section, lists existing translations of contemporary Francophone plays in various languages, for the purposes of more effective promotion. The data is not yet accessible on the website due to the complex legal and technical issues involved -with over 9000 translations registered since Entr'Actes started it in 1997! Stay tuned …
It's only a click away from Entr'Actes' website to the SACD's (, where you can access all kinds of information involving current cultural goings-on. For instance, our friends abroad can find out about the various debates and movements concerning the status of the intermittents du spectacle which have stirred up the performing arts world since issue n°16 of Actes du Théâtre. The level of involvement was extraordinary, forcing some festivals to be cancelled. In Avignon, before any exchange of ideas was possible, we had to explain and define the ''basic vocabulary'' to all non-French-speakers, starting with the word intermittent itself, which has no exact equivalent.
Now back to the playwrights. Nicole Vulser wrote an article in Le Monde, dated 16 October 2003, entitled ''Playwrights, the forgotten victims of the conflict'' in which she highlighted the fact that playwrights are not entitled to the benefits of the intermittent system and are rarely taken into account in the cultural economy. If their work isn't staged, they earn no royalties, nor any kind of compensation.
Debating these crucial issues and ensuring respect for authors' rights is a top priority for today's playwrights.

Sabine Bossan
Director of Entr'Actes
Editor-in-chief of Actes du Théâtre