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Tintas Frescas

The Association française d'action artistique (AFAA) -assigned the task of fostering international cultural exchanges by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Communication- has made the promotion of contemporary playwriting a priority through various channels:

- in bilingual readings in its Un acteur, un auteur ("One actor, one playwright") programme;
- through production grants awarded by the Fonds Étant donnés for the performing arts;
- by presenting French productions abroad with sur-titles.

The ambitious Tintas Frescas ("Fresh Ink") programme illustrates this policy particularly well:
Over three seasons, from 2002 to 2004, Tintas Frescas has initiated, partnered and promoted Spanish and Portuguese translations of contemporary French plays, then had them published, read and staged in 19 Latin American countries from Tierra del Fuego to Mexico, as well as in Spain and Portugal.
To date, nearly 40 playwrights have been included in the programme.
With Tintas Frescas, the classic rule of French theatre has been broken, since it features an extraordinary diversity of places and is stretched out over time -three seasons in three years. Only unity of action has been maintained- in expressing and presenting resolutely contemporary voices and writing styles.

For further information, see:

AFAA (Association française d'action artistique)
1 bis avenue de Villars
75007 Paris
Tél: 01 53 69 83 00
Responsable du Pôle Théâtre: Marie Raymond
Tél: 01 53 69 83 67