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• Actes du Théâtre n° 19 (june 2004 - december 2004)
ACTE I - Theatre news
The radio effects, by Jean-Claude Carrière

Radio théatre, radio news
A listening audience for radio theatre?, by Jean Larriaga
Lucien Attoun: thirty-six years hosting an open mike
Radio directing: a constant challenge, by Christine Bernard-Sugy
Both acteur and listener, by Hugues Quester
How I ended on the sofa, Laurent Le Gall

ACTE III - News from abroad
  The largest theatre in the world, by Yves Nilly
  The role of radio plays in francophone Africa, by Pedre N'Diaye, Isidore Kabongo, Kalala Kanda, Baba Touré
  Carte blanche for Belgian radio theatre, Pascale Tisson
  Radio in Iceland, by Hallmar Sigurdsson