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Splendeur et Lassitude du Capitaine Marion Déperrier
Épopée en deux Époques et une Rupture

Jean Lambert-wild
Actes du théâtre n° 10.[ imprimer ]
The purpose of this play is to provide a forum for a tragedy, the First World War, whose causes and effects are buried in the past. It is rich in accounts of horrors and absurdity that have been passed on from generation to generation. The poetic figure of Captain Marion Déperrier is a possible link between two eras with images that are closely related even though they may seem distant and different.

“The poetic figure of the captain, who wants to die and be sacrificed, is proof that whatever horrible things, setbacks and break-ups may arise, the mind never dies. I believe that some men are real tragic heroes. A dead man can still shout out, and his throat must be slit with a deep, precise diagonal cut so that all the rage is let out of him … This old Madagascan custom could be a metaphor for Jean Lambert-wild’s writing. It is very physical, sensual and deeply theatrical. […] His ‘drudge’ writing (that’s how he describes it) is as long, undulating and haunting as a song of lamentation.”
Philippe Kientzy, L’Est républicain, January 18, 1999

Opened at the Théâtre Granit - Scène nationale de Belfort, January 27-30, 1999.
Director: Jean Lambert-wild. Scenic design: Benoît Monneret and Jean Lambert-wild. Lighting: Renaud Lagier. Stage manager: Franck Besson. Original score: Jean-Luc Therminarias. Costumes: Pascale and Stéphane Richy. Sound: Christophe Farion. Choreography: Stéfany Ganachaud. Cast: Benoît Monneret. Voice: Pierre Lambert de Larroque.

Characters : 1 men -
Éditions Les Solitaires Intempestifs. -

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