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Les Jeunes
David Lescot
Les Jeunes
Photo: Eric Didym
Actes du théâtre n° 64.[ imprimer ]

for age 14 and over

Les Jeunes is about the creation, beginnings, rise and dissolution of a rock group made up of three young teenagers christened The Schwartzes. Parallel to this there is the flowering and equally fleeting and inexplicable success of a group of three young pre-teens, The Pinkettes.
It deals with their meeting, formation, beginnings, rise, manipulation, explosion and decline: an ersatz adolescence, unless they’re really still in childhood.

Why the Reading Committee chose the Play: David Lescot lends these secondary school pupils violent and funny voices, and we put ourselves in the young people’s shoes without ever thinking, “This is a caricature.” In this play he takes us deep inside this generation of baby-rockers, child stars and other childhood hybrids with which our society is familiar. It is driven by a particular energy, vitality and humour. David Lescot’s taste for plays that weave in other non-dramatic forms such as music and songs.

Author’s comments: “Now that I’ve grown out of it (officially at least), I see adolescence as its own world. It seems like a work of fiction unto itself, like some fantastic tale with its own undecipherable codes, hermetic language, paranormal phenomena, characters with strange hybrid bodies that are half-boy half-girl, and its inimitable blend of stupidity and genius. Life within that world seems more intense, more romantic and more tragic.
In that sense adolescence is presumably a good subject for the theater."

Concert-Reading at the Festival de la Mousson d'été, August 2010, directed by David Lescot, with Odja Llorca, Marion Verstraeten, Baya Rehaz, Catherine Matisse, Philippe Fretun, David Lescot (Guitar), Philippe Thibault (Bass), Flavien Gaudon (Drums).

A different version of the play was read at the Festival RING de la Manufacture-CDN de Nancy in December 2010, directed by David Lescot, with Odja Llorca, Alexandra Castellon, Bagheera Poulin, Catherine Matisse, Philippe Fretun, David Lescot (Guitar), Philippe Thibault (Bass), Flavien Gaudon (Drums).

Characters : 3 women - The three girls and three boys are played by the same actresses; the other characters and chorus are played by whatever actors and musicians are available.
Editions Actes Sud - Papiers -

IGOR And we will never allow our music to be distorted for ulterior motives of a commercial, promotional, publicity- or popularity-seeking nature.
JICK That’s telling them.
IGOR And we will keep at arm’s length all elements of a female nature that might contemplate being in close contact with our persons during the times when we must devote ourselves exclusively to our group and its music.
JICK No females.
HONORÉ One two three four five six seven eight.
IGOR And during the period of existence of our group we will refuse all contact with any element of a female nature.
JICK No females. No contact.
HONORÉ One two three four five six seven eight.
IGOR And we will resist any temptation which the young wenches may wave in front of the fallible members of the music groups in an attempt to weaken them and undermine the integrity of their musical vocation.
HONORÉ One two three four, one two three four.
JICK We will. We will resist them. You’ve got it backwards, Honoré.
IGOR And as long as our group shall live and as long as our music shall live we will banish from our lives the presence of young wenches.
JICK Out of our lives. You’ve got it backwards.
HONORÉ One two three four five six seven eight.
IGOR And we will choose music over love and music over everything, and love shall not hinder our music, and the love of music shall be the whole of love for us, and all love other than that of music shall be driven away from us, and sentimental love, carnal love, oral love, romantic love, dreams of love and the reality of all those kinds of love shall be driven from us, and its sole destination shall be when sung in our pieces and expressed in our music, taken to its quintessence, elaborated, made into art, transformed into a melody but refused in its raw, real and physical form, always sung but never experienced...