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Erwin Motor/Dévotion
Magali Mougel
Actes du théâtre n° 50.[ imprimer ]
Erwin Motor is a small automobile sub-contracting company, a small family-run firm struggling with all its might against the threat of being delocalized to Poland.
Cécile Volanges is an employee at Erwin Motor and proud of it. She works the night shift without counting her hours - to her husband’s chagrin. But Cécile doesn’t care. She loves her work.
Over at Erwin Motor there’s someone looking out for employees like Cécile: Mr. Talzberg. He makes sure that the work is well done, that the workers don’t slacken their pace by stimulating them with his own particular methods.
A strange relationship develops between Mr. Talzberg and Cécile Volanges under the watchful eye of Madame Merteuil, the director of Erwin Motor. Their liaison dangereuse ultimately results in the break-up of the Volanges’ marriage.

Erwin Motor / Dévotion is a play that delves into the working-class world of automobile sub-contracting and is also - regardless of my point of view - a tribute to a friend who is working herself to death at just such a company.
My intent was to understand the outrageous system that keeps workers in a state of total devotion to their jobs at all costs, however alienating. I wasn’t trying to engage in social criticism, just to understand and put into words the deep attachment one can have to one’s work. And to understand how that is still in place today.
Erwin Motor / Dévotion could be characterized as social observation theater, and yet the fact that the play is structured around a spin-off of the libertine characters in Choderlos de Laclos’ Liaisons dangereuses might cast a different light on the nature of a female worker’s alienation from her job.”

Characters : 2 women - 3 men -
Editions espaces 34

[ ..] When you enjoy
watching the meticulousness
and dexterity
with which
you place one little part inside another little part,
you get a feeling of satisfaction.
But who can understand that kind of enjoyment -
the kind you have
doing your job
all night long
your fingers poised
and practised,
honed by the precision
to place a spring of this size
into a drill bit of that size.
No one has the right to judge us
if they haven’t experienced that.
You have no right to judge us.