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Tout doit disparaître
Eric Pessan
Actes du théâtre n° 50.[ imprimer ]
It’s sale day at the supermarket and the consumers are waiting for the doors to open. The tension mounts and a riot breaks out when the gates are finally opened. Shoppers rush to grab the goods, start haggling and pushing each other around. Some people get hurt, windows are smashed and shelves are knocked down. Some hide, others try to flee.
The sale this morning has turned into a place of ordinary madness, a symbol of the struggle against economic enslavement - a hopeless struggle since rebellions, like the merchandise itself, must go. Must everything go, then?

“What’s disconcerting about Tout doit disparaître is how it resonates with current events.”
Laurence Cazaux, Le Matricule des anges n° 118, Nov-Dec, 2010

Tout doit disparaître (soldes monstres) was part of the 10th session of the Ecole Pratique des Auteurs de Théâtre (Playwriting Praxis School) with Jean-Christophe Saïs and the acting students from the TnB school in February 2010.

Staged reading at the Festival d’Avignon 2011, July 18th and 19th at 3pm and 9pm, by Frédéric Maragnani (in collaboration with Vanessa Lechat). Cast: Rodolphe Congé, Catherine Hiegel, Emilien Tessier, Christèle Tual, Philippe Vieux and Gaëtan Vourc’h.

German translation in progress for the annual review « Scene ».

Characters : 2 women - 4 men -
Théâtre Ouvert, Collection Tapuscrits

[Voiceover: Jeanne, a mother living at Val Enchanté (Enchanted Valley)]

MOTHER (walking with crutches) I spotted a little skirt…


MOTHER Black and white. A nice skirt for pretty legs, it said on the leaflet. And I didn’t want to wait too long...I was afraid there wouldn’t be any left in my size...

JOURNALIST A skirt, then.

MOTHER …last year I waited too long… I wanted that skirt so badly…

JOURNALIST On Sale, of course…

MOTHER 30 % off on the first day… An unbeatable price… I rushed over there first thing in the morning…

Jingle: cheerful synthetic music.

Exaggeratedly cheerful female voice: Starting January 11th don’t miss the Sales at Enchanted Valley Mall. 200 shops and Major Chains offering top items at the lowest prices.
30, 40 and 50 % off on the first day of the Sale: be an enchanted consumer at your favorite mall.

SECURITY GUARD Video n°7. You can see clearly in the images captured by the surveillance cameras how the tragedy unfolded [voiceover: Christophe, a security guard at Enchanted Valley]
People running.
People shouting.
People filling their coat pockets.
People shoving each other.
Worried people filling shopping carts.
Determined people ramming panic-stricken people with their shopping carts.

CASHIER People were rushing at the shelves [Voiceover: Catherine, a cashier at Enchanted Valley], they had gotten the message. People got the message right away. Everything was for free. The cashiers had deserted. The security guards had other fish to fry. So they rushed to get the most expensive items. A computer? A telephone? Bottles of high-priced wine? They hunted around, trying to find the rarest and most inaccessible items. A plasma TV screen was too heavy. Why not a video projector? Some of them fought to get the last item on the shelf.