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Simon Grangeat
photo : Gaëlle Dauphin
Actes du thť‚tre nį 55.[ imprimer ]
The play revolves around three ordinary men who come before the audience exposing the brutal facts.
Mortgages, subprime loans, securitization, derivatives, ABS, CDO, CDS, stock market speculation, short selling, bank bailouts, recession, unemployment, austerity, stimulus...
Given Historyís seeming complexity, they are here to tell the story of the crisis, which seemed unclear to them before but is now comprehensible.
They recite the entire story, playing the parts of the bankers, citizens, stockbrokers, credit rating officers, traders, real estate agents, and the President of the United States, in an attempt to show (up) this macabre farce, and the joyful apocalypse of the subprime crisis.

ďA much-needed play, a brilliant Brechtian display with fascinating thoughts, even though Iíve never been drawn to economics, which has always bored and even repulsed me. I wondered if the theater was the place for such an approach, and after reading it I can state that yes, it is, absolutely.Ē
CNT Production Grant Commission

ďThe writing is quick-witted, the lines sharp and thereís a certain urgency about the play. Tightly-packed, fascinating material. A playful, dynamic play, at times almost Molieresque (in the style of Le Mariage forcť) and brutal and violent at the end.Ē
CNT Production Grant Commission

Opens with the Compagnie Cassandre in November 2012 at the Centre Culturel Thťo Argence de Saint-Priest. Then at the Nouveau Thť‚tre du huitiŤme in Lyon.
Director: Simon Grangeat and Sťbastien Valignat. Scenography: GaŽlle Dauphin. Video: Vincent Boujon. Lighting: Yoann Tivoli. Cast: Vincent Fouquet, Guillaume Motte, Sťbastien Valignat.

Characters : 1 women - 2 men - The 16 characters in the text can be played by at least 1 actress and 2 actors or more according to the stage director.

1 Paramo! Get over here!
Paramo enters. Heís holding an open can of franks and beans.
PARAMO What is it?
1 Didnít you want to buy a house?
PARAMO Itís impossible.
1 Try your luck. Times change!
PARAMO Very little for me, thanks. Iím over that. Iíve stopped dreaming about impossible things. Iíve learned my lesson. Iíll just stay in my place.

Paramo resumes eating. The doorbell rings. Paramo keeps on eating. The doorbell rings again. The first stockbroker enters, acting pushy.FIRST STOCKBROKER Very nice! Is this your place?
PARAMO Thanks, no! Weíre renting.
FIRST STOCKBROKER And youíd like to buy your house!
PARAMO No, no thanks.
FIRST STOCKBROKER Really, donít want to buy? Weird.
FIRST STOCKBROKER Itís weird, isnít it?
PARAMO Actually I tried but
FIRST STOCKBROKER Iím sure Iíve got something for you.
PARAMO No, no thanks.
FIRST STOCKBROKER A tailor-made product.
PARAMO Iíve stopped dreaming about impossible things.
PARAMO Iíve learned my lesson.
PARAMO Actually Iím subprime.
PARAMO Iím not prime.
FIRST STOCKBROKER But you will be! Why not profit today from the money youíre sure to earn tomorrow? Paramo!
PARAMO Thatís the problem, I donít earn enough. Thatís what your co-worker told me.
FIRST STOCKBROKER Never mind. Times are changing. Weíre thinking about people like you now too, my friend.
PARAMO Iím not even sure Iíll still have my job by the end of the year. The boss says times are really tough.
FIRST STOCKBROKER All the more reason! Youíve already got a house, right?
FIRST STOCKBROKER And youíre paying rent?
FIRST STOCKBROKER Itís the same thing, but youíll be a homeowner.
PARAMO Yes, but what if I canít pay?
FIRST STOCKBROKER Have you seen the prices for houses in this neighborhood? Theyíre going higher and higher. A little more every day. If you buy now and have to sell tomorrow, youíll still have made a profit.
PARAMO A profit?