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Moi, je crois pas !
Jean-Claude Grumberg
Moi, je crois pas !
photo: Giovanni Cittadini
Actes du théâtre n° 55.[ imprimer ]
Monsieur doesn’t believe in anything, Madame wants to believe in everything. Day after day, evening after evening, night after night, they confront and oppose one another, each one trying to impose his/her pathetic point of view on the other. They insult, threaten, plead and argue with each other in a blend of disingenuousness and gullibility, absurdity and common sense. And so time passes, and so does life itself, and at the end of the day Monsieur doesn’t remember what he didn’t believe in anymore and Madame has forgotten what she did believe in.

“Behind the humour and apparently straightforward exchanges, Jean-Claude Grumberg flirts with a certain philosophical gravity. Through the everyday lives of a man and woman he makes you reflect on communication, the ravages of time on the life of a couple and the durability of feelings.”
Nathalie Simon, Le Figaro, February 10, 2012

Opened at the Théâtre du Rond-Point February 2, 2012.
Directed by Charles Tordjman. Cast: Pierre Arditi, Catherine Hiegel.

Characters : 1 women - 1 men -
Editions Actes-Sud Papiers -

MONSIEUR I don’t believe in life after death.
MADAME I believe in the opposite.
MONSIEUR You think there’s life after death?
MADAME I said I believe in the opposite.
MONSIEUR What’s the opposite?
MADAME I don’t believe in life BEFORE death.
MONSIEUR What did you say?
MADAME I don’t believe in life before death!
MONSIEUR Well that’s just great! You really know how to put a damper on things, don’t you!