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La Femme du Michel Ange
Eric Assous
La Femme du Michel Ange
Actes du théâtre n° 63.[ imprimer ]
‘‘I was alone at a hotel bar waiting for my best friend. A very respectable man came on to me, thinking I was in the business of selling my body. I didn’t think anyone could confuse me with one of those women practicing the world’s oldest profession. I was more taken aback and amused that miffed. I should point out that I have a husband and children and that all is well. But I don’t work. Don’t they say idle hands make the devil’s work?’’

Opened at the Théâtre des Petits Mathurins, January 30, 2013.
Director: Anne Bourgeois. Cast: Véronique Boulanger.

Characters : 1 women -

For the past nine months I’ve been seeing Louis Marie about twice a week in a hotel, and over those nine months he’s paid me 1,500 euros cash for each session, that’s nine months that I’ve been crazy about him, nine months that I haven’t dared challenge the modalities of this liaison, nine months that I’ve chosen to keep quiet about my feelings, nine months that I’ve proven those feelings to him physically, nine months that I’ve been a prostitute to one man.
I had to do something with the money coming in – I’m not far from reaching 90,000 euros, that’s right, just do the math. So I opened an account in another bank.
In secret.
Yes, because I have a joint account with Antoine at the Crédit Lyonnais. I couldn’t very well deposit the sums in our household account without having to justify the origin of the dirty money. And even less hide the bills somewhere in the apartment with the risk of someone finding them.