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Mon fantôme
Pascal Rambert
Mon fantôme
photo Sylvain Duffard
Actes du théâtre n° 64.[ imprimer ]

for age 4-5 and above

A child invents an imaginary character to talk to him so he can fall asleep. The character’s name is My Ghost. The voices of the child and his ghost interweave to carry us off, through paintings, into an imaginary world where the real world tips over into the realm of dreams.

Why the Reading Committee chose the Play: This is a wonderful play about the relations between reality and dream, day and night, seeing and looking. It’s a play that appeals to all our senses and stirs our imagination.

Author’s comments: “The idea for this text came to me from observing my son. When I put him to bed, he preferred the stories I made up to ones I read to him. One day he said to me, ‘At night I feel as if I’ve got a little ghost inside talking to me.’ I thought that his words referred to what I and all adults do: let my imagination roam as I drop off to sleep. (…) I wanted My Ghost to give children a chance to explore their imagination. In a tent. Under the covers. Wearing socks, eyes wide in the dark.”

Commissioned by France Culture on the theme of painting. The play was written for the creative radio workshop, produced by Frank Smith and directed by Blandine Masson in 2004.
Swedish translation.

Characters : 2 men -
Actes Sud - Papiers -

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