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Suzanne Lebeau
photo:FX Gaudreault
Actes du théâtre n° 64.[ imprimer ]

This is an updated version of ogre stories. The Ogrelet lives with his mother in a house deep in the forest some way from the nearest village. When he starts school he discovers that he isn’t like the other children. He’s the son of an ogre his mother was passionately in love with. He takes on three challenges to get rid of his thirst for blood and begin to grow up.

Why the Reading Committee chose the play: Even though this play is written like a fairytale, its structure and language are very modern. The play is evocative, effectively conjuring up a different world. The fairytale form makes it a little scary, but it also channels violence rather than attacking it. The play’s central question is how one escapes from one’s destiny.

L'Ogrelet was first performed on 6 October 1997 by Le Carrousel at the Espace Malraux, the National Theatre of Chambéry and Savoie, where it was directed by Gervais Gaudreault.

Characters : 1 women - 1 men -
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