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Les Orphelines
Marion Aubert
Les Orphelines
photo:Stéphane Janou
Actes du théâtre n° 64.[ imprimer ]

for age 10 and above

Mister is in charge of an investigation into the disappearance of the little girls in the story. He takes his suitcase and a newspaper and sets off on his travels. He is soon taken prisoner by a gang of girls led by Violaine. Violaine is one of the disappeared too. She lives in an imaginary land. There she takes in all the little girls who have not been allowed to live. For thirty days and thirty nights, Mister will experience the hard life Violaine and her girlfriends live.

Why the Reading Commmittee chose the Play: The author takes a terrible truth – and makes it even more horrible. It is a serious topic, but Marion Aubert tackles it humorously and provocatively. It is an intense, disturbing play that gives as much of a scare as it does pleasure. It’s a thrilling read!

Author’s comments: “We’ll take a terrible state of affairs and make it even scarier. We’ll try to scare the children and also to draw them away (from their parents). But then there’s Johnny with his puppets and stuff.”

“Is a woman just another man?” That was the question that Le Préau, Centre Dramatique Régional de Vire put to the playwright Marion Aubert and director and puppeteer Johnny Bert in 2009, which led them to put on Les Orphelines about the continuing disappearance of girls in Asia.

Characters : 1 women - 2 men -
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