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I Sable
Karin Serres
Actes du théâtre n° 64.[ imprimer ]

for age 11 and over

A trio tells the story of how Pierre and Mélancolie met at the forest edge; how Pierre feels he is “inhabited” by a mysterious creature that emerges from the water; how Mika, Pierre’s slightly autistic brother, becomes friends and more with I Sable, a 35-million-year-old female monkey-tree, who carries woods around on her head; how a misunderstanding leads to I Sable finds herself hunted, tracked down and killed, despite giving birth to a “lil’un” whose father is none other than… Mika! This is a shaggy-dog story set in a prehistoric museum and it’s closely linked to the surrounding forest and the fantasies it arouses.

Why the Reading Committee chose the play: A rip-roaring yarn! The dialogues are punchy, sometimes spoken by ad hoc choruses and always energetic. The world here is strange yet funny. As always, the language is crafted and controlled, while also sustaining the unflagging inventiveness of the various situations. The three characters are multi-faceted and leave great scope for professional actors or young amateur actors to express themselves. This play is a feast for the eyes and the actors.

Author’s comments: “I Sable is a play sequence that runs for three seasons and revolves around three main characters, who tell the stories of at least 20 others. The play includes choruses, songs, text material, music, trains, snow, a lake… I could never have written this play anywhere else and in different conditions; that’s what I love about writing in situ. Every time there’s the same heart-stopping moment of diving into the unknown with all your senses wired. But knowing nothing about the background won’t stop you being caught up by the story. Quite the opposite; everyone has to imagine their own forest.”

This play was written during a seven-month residence at the Musée de la Préhistoire de Nemours as part of the Île-de-France Writers in Residence programme funded by the Conseil Général de Seine et Marne.

Characters : 1 women - 2 men -

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