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David Paquet
photo : Pierre-Henry-Reney
Actes du théâtre n° 64.[ imprimer ]

for age 14 and over

Five lives and a shared longing for happiness. Each character does his or her best: Jade swallows worms, Berthier pretends he’s handicapped, Katrina chooses to have a tattoo, François opens thousands of doors and some sand lasagne makes Denis question everything. The tale of a sixth character, a swallow woman, is out of place among these sometimes funny, occasionally serious and ever-surprising fragmented lives. As the revelations come to light, their shared story gradually takes shape – the story of 2.14. They were all there when it happened. And then they weren’t. So what happened at 2.14 that day?

Why the Reading Committee chose the Play: A most surprising text. The play arranges the words of the different characters like a piece of repetitive music with a series of extremely fragmented short scenes. It chronicles the development of a drama that we can guess at but which never becomes explicit, a scroll-back to the period before the fatal hour – 2.14 pm – made up of flashbacks of the victims. Yet it is light-hearted and even funny, very well written and lively. This construction allows for very elastic and promising productions. The young characters are both endearing and touching.

Author’s comments: “2.14 is not about a shooting. It’s an exercise in memory, the story of a woman torn between motherly love and her horror at the act and does what she can to ensure that the lives that have been cut short will never be lost.”

First performed in Quebec in 2010 with a first French performance scheduled in March 2013 with the support of La Coursive national theatre in La Rochelle.

Characters : 3 women - 3 men -
Actes Sud - Papiers -

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