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Poucet / pour les grands
Gilles Granouillet
Poucet / pour les grands
Actes du théâtre n° 64.[ imprimer ]

for age 8 and over

On the edge of a forest is a clearing with a pool and a little girl reading Charles Perrault’s Le Petit Poucet (Tom Thumb). Then Poucet turns up. The two of them look at each other and don’t think they’re ugly or small. She is one of the little ogresses, but she’s nothing like her sisters. She has found out all about her father and how the story continues from reading the book. She tries to use what she knows to stop the story. Poucet doesn’t know and hasn’t read it, but he is intuitive, intelligent and brave, and he is convinced that “nothing is written” when you really want something. The fable moves on in line with the fairytale, but the young ogress is able to anticipate events and she does so out of maternal love and friendship for Poucet. The two of them are very different from their families. After they have tried and managed to protect her sisters and his brothers, the only option left to them is to flee, to get away from their terrible families and fiercely opposed families.

Why the Reading Committee chose the Play: LABOO7 doesn’t particularly favour rewritings of fairytales, but we would point out that this play challenges the traditional fairytale through the roles of the ogre and the ogress in particular. The play tackles the themes of how “useful” reading is as well as determination and free will very nicely. It is a wonderful invitation to children to make the legacy of fairytales their own. The fable follows the episodes of the fairytale but is always one step ahead, which builds suspense thrillingly and brings reading and books into play. The characters are all funny and endearing at once. The language is sharp and the dialogues are delightful and apt. The author has fun and makes it fun for us even as he lays down the markers for the tragedy to come. Lastly, the play has an assertive social and political dimension that is never overstated.

Author’s comments: “The play is inspired by the precise moment when Poucet meets the ogresses, but in our story here there is one little ogress who is smarter than the others, a girl who feels very isolated by a mother who buries her head in the sand and a totally dumb sister. She’s an ogress who wonders a lot about her father, doesn’t eat meat and loves books! Can she cheat her fate? Fro children aged 6 and over up to… much, much older, as long as they know the story of Poucet.

Characters : 3 women - 1 men - + 1 dog and outline of an ogre

Sorry, no extract for this play.