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Pascal Brullemans
photo: DR
Actes du théâtre n° 64.[ imprimer ]

When they are confronted with the death of their parents, three children refuse to mourn and withdraw into themselves. This disaster will change their lives. Cracks will start to appear, promises will crumble and a debacle is imminent. Yet behind the apparent death mask the play tells the story of the love between a two brothers and a sister who experience death and go on to make their peace with life.

Why the Reading Committee chose the Play: This play chooses to tell the story of young people’s resistance to the huge shock of losing their parents. How do brothers and sisters get over their deaths? We found that the spontaneous, hard and truthful language accentuates the brutal nature of the events the characters have to deal with. It is a new life that emerges for the three children, like an iceberg ‘which as it drifts reveals to our eyes as many bright surfaces as it does dark, underwater nooks and crannies.’ The play addresses grief and adolescence with great tact and has a freshness (the freshness of adolescence) in its approach to a serious subject.

Author’s comments: “Grief is like drifting ice – cold and silent. Death plunges the living into confusion. For months, sometimes years, our thoughts steer a path through memories, pain, anger and the unbelievable joy of existing. Work, family and daily life all seem different. Our eyes have become windows for the memory of the dead.”

The first performance of Isberg at the Théâtre du Clou (Montreal) in 2008 was directed by Sylvain Scott.
The play has also been translated into German by Andreas Jandl.

Characters : 1 women - 2 men -

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