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Les ours dorment enfin
Geneviève Billette
Les ours dorment enfin
photo: DR
Actes du théâtre n° 64.[ imprimer ]

for age 7 and over

Sacha puts all his efforts into trying to convince the polar bears he looks after that winter is late this year. They spend so long waiting for the cold to come that, despite their keeper’s best efforts, the animals refuse to hibernate and start to waste away. Then Marcus arrives, a boy who is swept along on the winds of life. He hopes to find lasting shelter with Sacha. But how is the good zookeeper supposed to take care of him when his girlfriend has been away for almost a year and his bears need him so much? However, Marcus will cling onto this gentle haven of peace with all his might, even if that means getting on Sacha’s nerves as he tries to open his eyes.

Why the Reading Committee chose the play: This was a unanimous hit with LABOO7! We loved this wonderful, intense love story between a depressive father and his son; the anxious father, the adopted Marcus who presses his face to the glass, the insomniac zombie bears… It’s a powerful play full of poetry, humour and imagination!

First performed by Eldorado Theatre in Quebec in March 2012 directed by Stéphanie Lépine.

Characters : 1 men - 1 adolescent - 0 children 1 boy, 3 bears
Lansman -

MARCUS If only you knew how happy I was, Mister. I tried to press myself against so many windows – at least six, maybe ten. It didn’t work. It never worked. Either the curtains closed or my hands felt scared and got wet and slipped. But now it really seems to be working.
SACHA What did you do?
MARCUS I don’t know.
SACHA It’s scientifically impossible.
MARCUS If you say so, I agree.
SACHA You reach someone’s third-floor flat by walking up the stairs. And then you ring the bell. But arriving like that, by flying up and crushing your nose against the windowpane…
MARCUS Is it rude?
SACHA It’s impossible.