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Le Fils du comique
Pierre Palmade
Le Fils du comique
photo : DR
Actes du théâtre n° 70.[ imprimer ]
Pierre Mazar is back. As self-centered and witty as ever, he is comfortable being out of the closet, but is now in a couple with a man he torments. His desire to have a child is the focus of the story now. And he’s determined to have a son! Except that he has promised two women: his best friend and the actress in his new play!

‘‘Palmade is excellent. There are lots of subtle ideas about identity, desire, and flagging sexuality in couples, etc. Palmade has succeeded in mixing the traditional canvas of vaudeville (husband, wife, lover) with reflections about the male imagination. […] Le Fils du comique teaches us that desire is not just sexual. It is a complex and changing subject.’’
Eric Loret, Libération, October 31, 2013

‘‘A play like this could be salacious, but instead, through his intelligence and charm, Pierre Palmade has made it delicious.’’
Jean-Luc Jeener, Figaroscope, October 23, 2013

‘‘This production is one of the happy surprises of the season. The play is very well-written, with subtle humor.’’
Marie-Céline Nivière, Pariscope, October 30 – November 5, 2013

Opened at the Saint-Georges on September 27, 2013.
Director: Agnès Boury. Cast: Pierre Palmade, Anne-Elisabeth Blateau, Camille Cottin, Benjamin Gauthier, Guillaume Clérice.

Characters : 2 women - 3 men -

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