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Zelda et Scott
Renaud Meyer
Zelda et Scott
Photo : Lot
Actes du théâtre n° 70.[ imprimer ]
Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, symbols of America during the Roaring Twenties, burn the candle at both ends, partying into the night and living a life of wealth and fame. But fear and jealousy lurk beneath all the glamour. Mirroring the country at large, the Fitzgeralds get caught up in a depression, under the gaze of Hemingway, Scott’s literary arch rival.
Zelda et Scott is a jazzy comedy that tells the story of a tragic couple and the splendor of an ephemeral world.

‘‘Kudos to Renaud Meyer for the excellent production he has put together, a magnificent theatrical adaptation about the legendary couple of American literature…It’s got rhythm, style, and the text is tightly crafted but also knows how to let loose…’’
M.-C. Nivière, Pariscope, September 25, 2013

‘‘Renaud Meyer thinks big. To pay tribute to the Roaring Twenties, he has created a play in their image, taking you on a journey between biopic and time travel that is - like his subject - larger than life.’’
Nicolas Roux, Rappels, November 2013

Premiered at the Théâtre La Bruyère September 4, 2013 - January 5, 2014.

Staged by the playwright. Starring: Sara Giraudeau, Julien Boisselier, Jean-Paul Bordes. Accompanied by the Manhattan Jazz Band: Xavier Bornens on trumpet, François Fuchs on bass, and Aidje Tafial on drums.

Characters : 1 women - 2 men -

A room at the Plaza Hotel in New York…
SCOTT Zelda, it just isn’t done.
ZELDA (undressing) I don’t care.
SCOTT They’re your guests.
ZELDA I want my birthday present.
SCOTT Later.
ZELDA Right now.
SCOTT Your present is out there.
She starts undressing him.
ZELDA You can’t deny me this.
SCOTT Not here, Zelda, not now.
ZELDA Honestly, you’re more conventional than a bunch of Victorian mothers.
SCOTT They’ll hear us. Will you keep it down?
ZELDA I swear.
SCOTT Impossible.
ZELDA A purring cat.
SCOTT You’re anything but a purring cat.
ZELDA You won’t recognize me.
SCOTT The animal inside you will eventually be awoken, our guests will get drawn in, making the women green with envy, arousing the men, driving the people crazy upstairs, downstairs and everywhere else, then the management will burst in, throw us out and there goes your party.
ZELDA We’ll tell them you gave me a jumpy little pussy for my birthday.
SCOTT I don’t mind leaving the hotel doing a handstand, but no tumbling.
ZELDA We already came in doing a handstand.
SCOTT It’s scorching hot. I can’t take it anymore.
ZELDA Precisely.
SCOTT A storm’s about to burst.
ZELDA Me too.
SCOTT Sex for pleasure’s sake...
ZELDA Doctor Freud says sex is crucial.
SCOTT Relatively speaking.
ZELDA It sorts out your impulses.
SCOTT You should never awaken the beast.
ZELDA And it’s good for your head.
SCOTT It can make you lose it too.
ZELDA Just look at our mothers’ faces from thinking about it but never doing it.
SCOTT Right, but I feel like I’m about to do it without thinking about it.
ZELDA Have a child with me.
SCOTT Excuse me?
ZELDA Have a child with me.
SCOTT In front of Lillian Gish?
ZELDA It’s my birthday.
SCOTT I’ll gladly have a child with you… tomorrow.
ZELDA If we do it tomorrow he’ll be a loser.
SCOTT Why a loser?
ZELDA If we don’t do it with all the jazz and partying going on, he’ll end up being sad his whole life.