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La vie va où ? ...
Michèle Guigon
La vie va où ? ...
Photo Rappeneau
Actes du théâtre n° 77.[ imprimer ]
In this play, Michèle Guigon conducts her life as an investigation, asking herself – and us – questions in her discreet way, in delicate strokes that are insightful and poetic.
Her questions take us on a grave and funny journey about life, which is itself grave and funny.
At the height of an art form polished over many years, Guigon captures lively snatches of life, drawing the extraordinary from the ordinary. Walking the tightrope of life with humor as her balancing pole, she takes us through laughter and tears.

‘‘A large part of life is about death; it’s inevitable.
Michèle Guigon’s performance soars beyond all other attempts to talk about us here on earth.
She speaks about all of us, doomed to laugh, to weep, and also to die, until something better comes along.
Today, there could be nothing better than seeing Michèle Guigon’s performance. Before it’s too late of course.”
Howard Buten, June 15, 2008

Premiered at the Espace 1789 in Saint-Ouen, April 4 –22, 2008. Then revived.
By and with Michèle Guigon. Text, music, songs: Michèle Guigon.
Co-written by: Susy Firth, Anne Artigau.

Characters : 1 women -
caminoverde (livre/CD) -

Any questions?
I’m asking you because I ask myself lots of them.
Questions about life mainly. What about life? Why? Where? And what for?

The other day I was thinking:
If people are always searching for novelty, why are they so afraid of change?
If you walk with your back to the light, are you guided by your shadow?
I’m also capable of occupying my mind with questions like ‘‘how much is the letter ‘k’ worth in Finnish scrabble?’’
However, they are mostly questions about life. To the point where the other day I was thinking I should stop asking myself so many questions about what life is, because in the end I’ll wind up realizing it’s what just went by!!
Yeah, we’re going to talk about life, so also about death, old age and sickness. This is going to be so much fun!
At 20, you have no idea what dying is. You can’t even imagine what it means to grow old. At the age of 20, being 40 is so far off it’s not likely to ever happen to you.
Whereas once you reach the age of 40, then 60 - and even 80 - is conceivable!
At 20, you think it's an unbearable injustice to lose a leg or a breast; but you think that later on, say at 45, it would be acceptable! No, it’s still a pain in the ass! You have the same kind of trouble; you haven’t moved to a different galaxy.

Where is life taking us?
I almost found out! I had a life-threatening illness, in the ‘‘Most Promising Actress’’ category: breast cancer!
Yeah, what a trip. I wouldn’t have chosen it from a brochure; no creature comforts, travelling anywhere makes you throw up, and you can’t get any sleep. To make it through an illness, you’ve got to be in great health!

But I’d rather go on a trip than stand at the sidelines of my own life.

Now I trust in life completely.
Of course it’s extremely fragile; it’s hanging by a thread, and you’ve got to be a tightrope artist to get through it.
At the same time, I really feel that Life itself, which my life is part of, is indestructible.