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Denis Lachaud
photo: Nicolas Mahu
Actes du théâtre n° 77.[ imprimer ]
Mr. and Mr. Gattal would like their son to get married.
They hire Negos, a matchmaker, to come up with the perfect man for him.
Negos presents the man he’s chosen, without knowing that he’s their son’s boss. Although ordained by nature to stay at home, have children and raise them, the fiancé happens to be the CEO of a subsidiary of Booster International.
The Gattals choose him. The betrothed must now terminate his professional activities and prepare himself for family life. But the betrothed rebels…

“They look like Humphrey Bogart and John Wayne. Well-built, with strong looks and voices. Sitting in their fancy living room, they debate their son’s marital future. They negotiate a fertile and stable marriage for everyone. But the young man rebels against his fathers. He has aspirations for personal achievement that don’t fit in with the career and direction chosen for him. In the world of Hetero, women do not exist. They have never existed. There are only men in this dreamlike tale that is both dark and funny. But the patriarchal patterns are still there. The society of virile men is divided into two categories: the males who work, and the males who have children. A world of men where all the elements of a sexist society still predominate.”
Excerpt from the program at the Théâtre du Rond-Point

September 17 - October 19 at the Théâtre du Rond-Point (premiere in September 2012 at the CDN Poitou-Charentes)
Director: Thomas Condemine. Cast: John Arnold, Valentin de Carbonnières, Christian Caro, Bertrand Farge, Yvon Martin. Set Design and Costumes: Camille Vallat. Lighting: Thierry Fratissier. Sound: Thomas Sillard. Production Manager: Romain Picolet. Assistanat Director: Marion Lévêque, Pénélope Biessy. Stage Manager: Camille Faure.

Portuguese translation: Jose Paulo Moura
English (U.S.) translation: Bruce Benderson

Characters : 5 men -
Editions Actes Sud - Papiers

My son, men are born and grow and take their place, each according to his rights and responsibilities, each taking from his potential whatever his will and circumstances allow him to accomplish. In proportion to the energy available to him. For you as for others. I mean to say, you no more than the others can’t escape it. You were born here, it doesn’t matter where, or inside what skin, and the lucky end up on the right side of the fence which is the case for you so be glad and thank chance every day, for this identity, this pedigree, which came with the luck of the draw, and also for the skin you’re in, a blending of your father’s genes and mine that you inherited, also the result of a toss of the dice, a game of blackjack, will this child excite the senses, will he repel them, this child, when he grows up, and you who came through again with the jury’s congratulations, for no explainable reason, without any effort no sense dwelling on it, so much the better for you. To put it briefly, you’ve got it all. And yet you live just by getting by with a string of minor jobs, night watchman, longshoreman, bouncer and what else I don’t know and time goes by. Forty soon and no spouse. Yet another spring summer flown by, all the young people around you copulating, and you you haven’t managed to choose a man to get a man interested to get a man to look at you, not a single one. This can’t go on it doesn’t make any sense.
(Translation by Bruce Benderson)