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Les Grandes Filles
Stéphane Guérin
Les Grandes Filles
photo: Pascal Victor
Actes du théâtre n° 81.[ imprimer ]
The very full lives of four women. All different, excessive in their torments, often unfair, unseemly at times, clearly moving. They hug and laugh, they’ve changed a bit. It’s the same old stories of time passing, with not an ounce of regret.
They pay calls on each other in their tiny apartments, make dates in improbable places, reveal or hide their weaknesses and infinite strengths. Sort of like an intimate saga.

‘‘The play is there. So unusual. Even subversive. Four women. From different backgrounds and religions. They have faced major events of the century: deportation, immigration, sexual differences, a lack of love, anonymity, and yet nothing can stop them, nothing bothers them. They are now on the threshold of their lives and they’ve chosen to embrace life and laugh about it. They are not easy on each other, they’re quick on the draw and biting in their humor. It was tempting to take on this new play by Stéphane Guérin, a very unusual and even subversive playwright.’’
Note from the director Jean-Paul Muel,

To open at the Théâtre Montparnasse, March 11, 2015.

Stage director: Jean-Paul Muel. Set design: Edouard Laug. Costumes : Brigitte Faur-Perdigou. Lighting: Laurent Béal. Video : Mathias Delfau. Music: André Serre. Cast: Geneviève Fontanel, Judith Magre, Claire Nadeau, Edith Scob.

Characters : 4 women -
Editions L'Avant-Scène Théâtre -

I’d just like to say this: the last time I went to get a bikini wax the beautician leaned over and said: should I do your moustache while we’re at it madam Yvonne? I got up and left – you can be catholic and not always feel like turning the other cheek
today madam Xenia saw three children walk past her window and she threw stale bread at them as if they were birds
MADAM KHADER did you go to the hairdresser?
MADAM XENIA no I washed my hair
MADAM YVONNE you’re a beautiful woman and always stylish
MADAM XENIA thank you very much
MADAM ZAKKO is everything going well for you
MADAM XENIA I feel listless
MADAM YVONNE does it hurt
MADAM XENIA no I hate myself
MADAM KHADER you’re always so lucid
MADAM XENIA I got rid of the pigeons I’d like to do the same with the kids
MADAM ZAKKO that’s why you throw bread at them
MADAM XENIA yes and I put little pebbles inside to knock them out or poke out their eyes (I hate myself because I’m not as strong as before)
MADAM YVONNE you should keep the bread for yourself and throw the pebbles at them
MADAM XENIA they’d know something was up
MADAM ZAKKO little kids are fast
MADAM XENIA but I have a good aim
MADAM KHADER that doesn’t make sense they’ll tell their parents and you’ll be sued you could be a witness madam Zakko you’re used to doing that
MADAM XENIA the parents are my business anyway they’re as unbearable as their brats
MADAM YVONNE you used to like those little kids
MADAM XENIA yes but out of sight
MADAM KHADER I like little kids
MADAM ZAKKO don’t be ridiculous you’re always grumbling about them riding their bikes in front of your place
MADAM KHADER now I stand at the window and take out my dentures – they haven’t been back since