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C'est Noël tant pis
Pierre Notte
C'est Noël tant pis
photo: DR
Actes du théâtre n° 81.[ imprimer ]
The family has come together to be torn apart on Christmas Eve, around their grandmother who has disappeared. A week later they are all at the hospital at the deathbed of the grandmother, tearing each other apart even more than the previous week, then finally reconciling around the youngest sibling, who tries to commit suicide but fails brilliantly. In the end, love conquers all.

‘‘Notte cultivates a modern Michel Audiard style that’s hysterical, reinventing the generation gap like never before.’’
Emmanuelle Bouchez, Télérama, December 2014

‘‘First-rate enjoyment.’’
Gilles Costaz, Webtheatre, December 2014

‘‘A fine tale, both tragic and hilarious, about families and their love-hate relationships. Gutsy and very well acted.’’
Philippe Chevilley, Les Échos, December 2014

Opened in November 2014 at the Centre culturel Athanor, Guérande; then at the Prisme, Élancourt, and at the Théâtre du Rond-Point from December 10 - January 10, 2015. March 10 at the Théâtre de la Roele, Villers-les-Nancy.

Staged by the playwright. Cast: Silvie Laguna, Chloé Olivères, Bernard Alane, Renaud Triffault, Brice Hillairet.

Italian translation in progress by Anna D’Elia.

Characters : 2 women - 3 men -
Editions de L'Avant-Scène, Coll. Les Quatre-Vents -

Tonio has returned wearing one of his grandmother’s dresses and makeup.
Nathan is cutting out family photographs.

TONIO she’s not up there
NATHAN what are you doing in that dress?
TONIO what are you doing with those scissors? MOTHER oh my god I feel so tired all of a sudden
TONIO he’s cutting up our family photos
MOTHER what on earth are you doing with those scissors?
FATHER I’m trimming the tree and making some herb tea
TONIO he’s cutting up all our family photos
NATHAN what are you doing in that dress?
TONIO granny’s not up there – I couldn’t find her NATHAN you found a dress
TONIO I looked everywhere but couldn’t find her GENEVIÈVE it looks good on you that little flowery dress
MOTHER what on earth are you doing in that little flowery dress?
TONIO and those soft, clingy stockings
GENEVIÈVE the stockings too yes of course very nice
MOTHER and your brother cutting our family photos out – and up
TONIO it was strewn all over her bed I took all of it and tried it on
GENEVIÈVE it’s fine darling
MOTHER I’ve got two sons and they’re crucifying me on Christmas Eve
TONIO powder and foundation too but just a little GENEVIÈVE I should get some from you I feel so pale TONIO and her panties
GENEVIÈVE her panties too? come on now
TONIO her panties too they’re just my size GENEVIÈVE excuse me there’s something stuck that wants to come out Geneviève throws up.
MOTHER something is pushing me to step back – to take a run for it and say merry christmas to you - I’m quitting and if that’s how it is I’m jumping out the window
The mother rushes over to the window, a clean and sturdy one.
She bumps into it and falls down, then gets up groggily.