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Un autre que moi
Véronique Olmi
Un autre que moi
Actes du théâtre n° 87.[ imprimer ]
On the evening of his fortieth birthday, Fred, a wealthy, distinguished man, hides in his hotel room to avoid the celebration being held in his honor. He's terrified at the idea of turning 40 and all he wants to do is be alone and forget that he's growing older. His solitude is soon interrupted by Frédéric, a poor, run-down looking old man who walks through the mirror into his room, stands before him and declares: "I'm you. It's my birthday too. I'm you in forty years."

"Ever since my childhood I've felt that our various ages all live together inside us, that our subconscious retains the memory of what we think we've forgotten, driving us without our knowledge. And yet many periods and cycles from our past are so far removed from who we've become that they seem to belong to someone else.
In Un autre que moi I wondered what would happen if a man suddenly came face to face with his own future? And if on top of it he was horrified by that future and the person he would become one day?
Between Fred and Frédéric, the same human being at 40 and 80, there is the pull of fascination and rejection, recognition and repulsion, a contradictory current that takes them both down the funny and tragic path of discoveries, memories, challenges, and ultimately of a wild gamble: what if we could change the course of our destiny? Who would stand to lose? And at what price?"
Véronique Olmi

To open at the théâtre de l'Atelier, end of February 2016.
Direction: Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe. Assistant: Dyssia Loubatière. Lighting: André Dior. Sets: Catherine Bluwal. Cast: Claude Rich, (casting in progress).

Characters : 2 men -
Albin Michel

FRED You expect me to believe we're going to grow old all alone?
FRÉDÉRIC Yes, dear. Listen: you and I have never faked it. The ones that find themselves at eighty years old playing cards, going on package tours, taking their grandchildren to the Naval Museum, the ones you visit in the nursing home on Sunday and take out window-shopping at Christmas - they're the ones that settle for less. That's not our style.
FRED Are you telling me they offered you all that and you turned it down?
FRÉDÉRIC Yes. Of course.
FRED The tours, the poker games, the grandchildren? You turned it all down? You must have a mistress or two left? At least one. Even one your own age?
FRÉDÉRIC My own age? You and I have always loathed old bags.
FRED Don't you know a young professional who'll go down on you on a night like this?
(A beat)
That's outrageous! I don't want to go through that, ever!
FRÉDÉRIC It's written.
FRED Written, eh! Well I'll erase it all!
FRÉDÉRIC Destiny can't be erased.
FRED I don't want a life like that! Under any circumstances! I don't ever want to go there! I want to fuck until I die, do you hear? Until I die! With anyone - a sushi waitress, an escort girl, an old friend, I don't care, I'll take anything! Everything! But I want to hold women in my arms! To drink champagne and stuff myself with salmon, tuna and mad cows! I want to play poker with my pals and even with those who aren't. Look, I'd even play chess in the Luxembourg Gardens, place an OTB at a bar in the 18th arrondissement, play the lottery at a carnival, as long as I can play, play, play! And I want to take my grandchildren out, but not to the Naval Museum, no, I want to show them the Origin of the world, without their parents finding out, and dress up as Santa Claus, as Tinker Bell if I have to, but I want to have children, women, pals, everything, I want it all! Except for you.
FRÉDÉRIC Take it easy. I've got forty more years' life experience than you. And they're nothing like what you've just described.
FRED I'll rewrite the whole thing. I'll change everything. Everything!
FRÉDÉRIC You're not rewriting anything, young man. Everything that's happened to me will happen to you. And there's nothing you can do about it.
FRED I'll never be you, do you hear? As long as I live: never!