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Le Syndrôme de l'écossais
Isabelle Le Nouvel
Le Syndrôme de l'écossais
photo:Bernard Richebé
Actes du théâtre n° 88.[ imprimer ]
Bruno and Florence have invited Sophie and Alex over for the evening but nothing turns out as planned between the successful playwright, the brilliant CEO and their spouses as a delightful series of incidents soon transforms the family reunion into a wild night where secrets, bottles and things left unsaid explode everything to pieces, leading the two couples, caught in an irresistible whirlwind, to formulate the most surprising plans.

"… It's reminiscent of Le Prénom, and playwright Isabelle Le Nouvel has no cause to blush from the comparison. Her play isn't just an excuse for bringing together a star from Le Splendid and a pillar of Les Inconnus, as she creates the perfect dose of character study and purely comic scenes."
Le Parisien, Thierry Dague, Sunday, February 7, 2016

Premiered January 15, 2016 at the Théâtre des Nouveautés (Paris). There will be a lengthy tour (over 60 dates) during the 2016-2017 season.
Director: Jean-Louis Benoit. Cast: Thierry Lhermitte, Bernard Campan, Christiane Millet and Florence Darel.
The English translation will be by Chelsea Mortensen.

Characters : 2 women - 2 men -
L'Avant-Scène Théâtre

SOPHIE What do you mean, a bit too fast? It could be something well-known. A recognized obsession. You don't have the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in your bookshelves by any chance?
ALEX No, he doesn't. Let's go.
BRUNO The DSM? Of course I have it. Naturally! What do you think?
She stands up, climbs the bookshelf ladder and hunts through the shelves for the book.
SOPHIE Give it to me, please.
BRUNO And what exactly are you hoping to find in it? Two one-way tickets to Mongolia?
ALEX I don't believe it! Where did you put my keys to the Audi?
SOPHIE Please.
FLORENCE Give her the book and let's get it over with.
BRUNO I will not get involved in your sister's ravings. Under any circumstances.
Alex suddenly empties the contents of Sophie's bag on the floor. A multitude of things pours out. He picks up a brochure on communities in Mongolia and starts reading it. He blanches.
SOPHIE I've got it! Ah here it is! Obsessive-compulsive disorder, no, manic disorders, 142.
ALEX (he hands the brochure to Bruno who doesn't take it) Do you know what it is? You were just talking about two one-way tickets to Mongolia? Do you know what it is?
FLORENCE Altruistic plans, Alex. But don't stop at the first description, it's a new way of life that...
ALEX Before the first description, Florence, there's an introduction that suggests as a preamble to your new way of life that you sell off everything you have - EVERYTHING - in favor of a post-sixties sect based I don't know where, near Ulan Bator, believe it or not.
SOPHIE I'll explain the concept to you, love. But it's easy to grasp. If you don't detach totally from your material possessions, you can't free yourself completely from what is blocking you emotionally to discover your real path and a new life.
ALEX Oh really, that's the concept?
SOPHIE Naturally. Starting anew in new territory. Like when you came into the world. To reinvent yourself forever. Far from any points of reference.
ALEX And they weren't offering a weekend workshop at home, by any chance, to see if you really need to reinvent yourself and especially to reinvent a new relationship concept with your banker?
SOPHIE You won't need a banker anymore, my love, never again. That's what's so marvelous.