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L'Eveil du chameau
Murielle Magellan
L'Eveil du chameau
Actes du théâtre n° 93.[ imprimer ]
Maryse has strict principles and values. And she can't abide the fact that a young man named Simon got her 18-year-old daughter pregnant then ran off. So she resolves to go and see the boy's father, Mickael, and ask him to appeal to his son. Except that Mickael never acknowledged the child, who was an accident and whose upbringing he had no hand in. He has no intention of playing a part that he has always avoided. And he has no principles whatsoever.
Two stubborn characters are forced to face their differences, as well as their attraction. A play about our intertwined lives, and our vain assumptions.

"Imperceptibly, with subtlety and elegance, in a kindly and uncompromising way, with a sense of humor and mischievousness, Murielle Magellan's plays make us question the subjectivity of our beliefs, the relevance of our behavior and the irrational nature of our feelings. That is because Murielle Magellan has a taste and talent for telling stories, without judging or analyzing, that reflect what is universal in us all, and that everyone can identify with. One is free to be entertained, to identify with it, to question oneself, to doubt, and to be moved. A descent into the innermost self, deep yet not heavy, humane and delightfully caustic."
Didier Long, director of the Théâtre de l’Atelier

The playwright's intentions:
"L’Eveil du chameau is written in a way that doesn't always say what it's thinking. The comic element doesn't only come from the situations, but also from the surprised looks the characters give each other, people who are so different they should never have met.
Mickael and Maryse would like to be right about everything, to convert each other to their ''religion,'' but that's not what happens. They are not converted but rather affected by the other's influence. They've allowed themselves to be approached and it's contagious.
Laughing about it all. Feeling moved. And amazed..."
Murielle Magellan

Opens at the Théâtre de l’Atelier, October 4-December 30, 2016.
Directed by: Anouche Setbon. Cast: Barbara Schultz, Valérie Decobert
and Pascal Elbé.

Characters : 2 women - 1 men -
Edition Dacres

MICKAEL I don't have a son.
MARYSE What do you mean?
MICKAEL It happens, you know … sometimes people don't have a son .... Or a daughter for that matter ... I have neither.
So I'm sorry, but I'm busy ... and my assistant must have told you I don't have a lot of time to …
MARYSE You're not Mr. Mickael Pagani?
MICKAEL Yes. Yes I am. In theory.
MARYSE You don't have a son named Simon ? (Mickael pauses.) You're not the father of Simon Denys? (Another beat.) You're not the father of Simon Denys?
MICKAEL (seriously pissed off) I wouldn't put it that way.
MARYSE Then how would you put it?
MICKAEL (getting annoyed) Wait a minute ... I didn't raise Simon, I don't even know what he looks like now, I've seen him maybe twice in my life, that doesn't make you a child's father! How old is he now? Fifteen, sixteen ... he can't …
MARYSE 23. (Mickael makes a face.) 23 years old, a real charmer but on the run.
MICKAEL Is he the one that told you I was his father?
MICKAEL That was nice of him but frankly I don't see how he could have told you that. I'm not his father, I just conceived him. Listen, I've really got a lot of work and …
MARYSE Your son, Mr. Pagani, got my 20-year-old daughter pregnant then left. She's five months pregnant. I'd like to talk it over with you. Seriously.
MICKAEL We'll do nothing of the sort! I have no time and no desire to, it's got nothing to do with me, that boy can do whatever he pleases, it's his own affair. You seem very nice, but it's no.
MARYSE (gently) I want this baby that's on its way to have a father.
MICKAEL And I'm sure you're right about that, but it has nothing to do with me. I don't give a damn. All right?