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Pascal Rocher
Actes du théâtre n° 93.[ imprimer ]
Valérie and Stéphane have been together for eight years and have decided to get married.
The ceremony will take place in eight months and Valérie is starting to realize they haven't made much progress in planning it. On her mother's advice she decides to hire a wedding planner.
Walter Craig, a wedding planner straight out of the Marais specializing in same-sex weddings, shows up in their little suburban home.
An unlikely and explosive encounter follows.

"Playing on the opposition between the characters, the text and acting often border on caricature without ever sinking to heavy-handed mockery. Director Rodolphe Sand adds a pinch of sensitivity to offset the sharp humor. Oui ! has one sole purpose: entertainment. Mission accomplished!"
Michèle Bourcet, Télérama, August 2016

Opened in July 2015 at the Avignon Off Festival, at the Théâtre Le Palace. Then tour. Revived as of August 2016 at the Théâtre Edgar in Paris.
Director: Rodolphe Sand. Cast: Ariane Zantain, Benoît Thiebault and Pascal Rocher or
Morgane Bontemps, Alexandre Guilbaud and Rodolphe Sand.

Characters : 1 women - 2 men -

WALTER Please, have a seat, make yourself at home! No need to stand on ceremony.
Stéphane sits down near him, looking a bit worried.
WALTER Was it Erwan?
STÉPHANE Stéphane.
WALTER I'm sorry. Stéphane. It's because you remind me a lot of an ex of mine named Erwan. Areally good-looking guy, very hot, very sexy, but a total jerk! What a jerk! You'd have thought he was straight! He could really get to me! In every sense of the word! Are you alone?
STÉPHANE Yes, right this minute I feel kind of alone.
WALTER What a waste … such a good-looking guy all alone …
Valérie walks in shyly. She's wearing a black skirt and a white top.
WALTER Be a nice girl and get me a cup of green tea, will you. (To Stéphane.) What about you Stéfy, what'll you have?
STÉPHANE I'd like you to meet Valérie, my future wife.
WALTER Oops! Sorry, it was that maid's outfit you're wearing ... Anyhow, I'm Walter Craig, from the Guys Wedding Agency.
VALÉRIE Valérie, nice to meet you.
WALTER What can I do for you?
VALÉRIE Actually, it was my Mom that suggested calling you. She met you at Philippe's wedding and said "you'll see, for your own wedding, if you don't want to be disappointed call Mr. Shrek."
WALTER Craig. Grass green doesn't suit my complexion.
WALTER I was kidding.
STÉPHANE The gentleman is very funny. It's been a laugh a minute since he got here!
WALTER (to Valérie) So, you're going to marry … uh …
STÉPHANE Stéphane.
WALTER Stéphane, right. You were on the tip of my tongue.
And you're going to get married to each other?
VALÉRIE That's right.
WALTER Together?
STÉPHANE Yes, and on the same day, we thought it would be more practical that way.
WALTER Very good. (He gathers his things.)
STÉPHANE is there a problem?
WALTER Not at all, you've got a perfect right to get married too!