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Camille, Camille, Camille
Sophie Jabes
Camille, Camille, Camille
Actes du théâtre n° 94.[ imprimer ]
Three Camille Claudels at three different ages. An 18-year-old Camille just before her love affair with Rodin, a 45-year-old Camille just before she's locked up, and a 78-year-old Camille just before her death. The eldest tries to warn the two younger ones of the danger and to dissuade them from committing the mistakes she so bitterly regrets. Give up her passion for Rodin and avoid suffering; abandon the workshop and live to the fullest the maternity she gave up.
But can one escape one's fate?

'Camille, Camille, Camille A powerful play by Sophie Jabès at the Lucernaire.'
Médiapart Dashiell Donello October 13, 2014

'Sophie Jabès' play presents us with three crucial moments in the life of Camille Claudel: the evening when she offers up her lips and her genius to Rodin, the evening when she is gagged in an insane asylum and the evening when she breathes her last breath. (…) The relevance of Sophie Jabès' play (…) is in giving a personality, a rhythm and a very bold tone to each of Camille's ages.'
Reg-arts Bruno Fougniès October 11, 2014

'The three Camilles share the stage (set designed by Elodie Monet) and their alternating monologues from the different periods in her life have created a poignant work of great beauty: "there's no one to hear me" she says in her solitude. A deep emotion arises from these three figures of an unjustly condemned woman. Sophie Jabès pays a powerful tribute to her.'
D. Dumas théâtre October 10, 2014

'Other forces come out in this tussle, antagonistic ones in a society that puts women under legal guardianship and keeps them from living on their own. The play takes the angle of only showing Camille in that state of destitution. Her work continues to exist deep within her, as if detached from its creator, reduced to her obsessions and to this ultimate cry of defiance.'
Théâtrorama Dany Toubiana October 15, 2014

Opened in October 2014 at the Lucernaire.
Revived on November 16, 2016 at the Théâtre l’Atrium de Chaville and for several performances in France in 2017.
On tour in India in November 2017 as part of Bonjour India and in Kazakhstan in March 2017.

Hebrew translation by Lena Shillony.
English translation by Catherine Petit and Paul Buck, with support from Beaumarchais-SACD.
Spanish and Russian translations will be available soon.

Characters : 3 women - 3 actresses onstage and one actress on film.
Editions Lansman

Camille as a girl, in her studio. She's sculpting. We hear a voice singing. She turns around. Opens the door. We are in Camille's bedroom; a toothless woman is lying there.

GIRL(starting) Oh! Who are you?
TOOTHLESS WOMAN I am the one who knows.
GIRL You seem so sad. So weak. What do you know?
TOOTHLESS WOMAN And who are you? So lovely? So young?
What do you want? Where are you from?
GIRL My name is Camille.
TOOTHLESS WOMAN Camille? What a pretty name. A woman's name. A man's name. Are you a woman? Are you a man?
GIRL(coming closer) I am a woman. I wish I were a man. I am a woman and I want to know.
TOOTHLESS WOMAN Camille, what is this strange name that sounds so familiar? You're so pretty, what do you want to know? I can read the worry in your eyes. (She takes her hands in hers.) You have beautiful hands. What do you do with these hands?
GIRL I sculpt stone. The stone sculpts me.
A man loves me and I don't know if I should give in to him. That's what I want to know.
TOOTHLESS WOMAN Why do you doubt him?
GIRL I doubt him because my body tells me to let go,
but my mind ...
TOOTHLESS WOMAN What does your mind say?
GIRL To beware. To keep my art intact. Even if he is also my teacher. My hands sculpt the hands he desires.
TOOTHLESS WOMAN I understand. It's a fine thing to love and be loved. It's a fine thing to create. What does your belly say?
GIRL My belly?
TOOTHLESS WOMAN What does the hollow between your thighs say?
GIRL The hollow between my thighs?
TOOTHLESS WOMAN What do your eyelids and the eyelashes over your eyelids say?
GIRL My eyelids and the eyelashes over my eyelids?
TOOTHLESS WOMAN What do your nipples say?
GIRL My nipples?
TOOTHLESS WOMAN Yes, your nipples ... and the nape
of your neck, have you listened to the nape of your neck?
GIRL My belly, the hollow between my thighs,
my eyelids, the eyelashes over my eyelids, my
nipples say to trust him but something is still
tormenting me.
TOOTHLESS WOMAN Camille, what is this man's
GIRL Rodin, his name is Rodin.