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Un pavé dans la cour
Didier Caron
Un pavé dans la cour
photo : DR
Actes du théâtre n° 63.

Six co-tenants in a small building decide to have a party in their courtyard to get to know each other better. They end up getting quite a shock! The friendly drink starts off with champagne, quickly goes sour and ends with vitriol!

‘‘Suggestion is the term that guided me while I was writing the play. Using everyday language and a simple story that people could easily identify, I wanted to suggest the characters’ pain and hint at their troubles rather than be overly explicit. The audience then has to fill in the blanks and the sub-text with its own understanding of the situation. The characters don’t “get” each other, thus all the things left unsaid, silences, dodging and suggestions to be deciphered.
The directing highlights these suggestions by having each actor shed light on these gaps through his own experience and inner world, only using the words in the text. What could have seemed light-hearted and anecdotal turns into tension, the silences are illuminated and enlighten us.’’
Playwright and director Didier Caron

Opened at the Théâtre Michel, February 1, 2013. Director: Didier Caron. Assistant director: Delphine Piard. Set design: Claude Pierson. Lighting: Franck Willig. Music: Thibault Dissoubret, Emmanuel Olson. Cast: Gaëlle Lebert, Pascal Mottier, Bruno Paviot, Virginie Pradal, Julien Ratel, Samantha Rénier or Constance Carrelet.

Characters: 3 women - 3 men -

PAUL (with cups and his wife’s pie) Has Myriam disappeared again? It’s unbelievable, she never listens to me! Sometimes I feel like I have no hold on her. CLAUDINE Tie her up! Give her a bowl and some kibble and you’ll get some peace. PAUL It doesn’t feel like anyone’s enjoying this little party, other than you and I. CLAUDINE You’re wrong, I’m not enjoying it all that much either. PAUL At least you’re honest! BABETH As you can see, my daughter is very straightforward. PAUL That’s a good quality. I say what I think too, even if people don’t always like it. At the bank where I work I’ve developed quite a reputation because of it. CLAUDINE (cutting him off) As an asshole? PAUL How did you guess?! CLAUDINE I don’t know, it’s the first word that popped into my head! PAUL Nice one. Myriam blames me for giving orders, but if you don’t give any orders, nothing gets done. In life there are those who give orders and those who follow them. I’m sorry but that’s the way it is, it’s natural, it’s in the genes, there are those who command and those who are given commands. CLAUDINE There are also men and supermen, we know where that kind of reasoning leads to. BABETH Claudine, please watch what you say! PAUL Don’t worry. They get over it eventually! Are you upset about something, Babeth? BABETH You were right not to have children. You never see them. PAUL Oh, I would have chalked that up in the Plus column! Would you like a glass of Pom... of Beaujolais? CLAUDINE Thanks, but I only drink on big occasions. PAUL This is one! CLAUDINE Yes, but an ever bigger one.