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Jamais 2 sans 3
Jean Franco
Jamais 2 sans 3
photo : DR
Actes du théâtre n° 63.

When the President of the Committee for the Miss Beauté contest, the very bourgeois Fleur de Senlis, discovers photographs of last year’s winner posing nude in a magazine, she is rendered speechless. How will she ever restore the Committee’s honor? Her two associates, the bashful lover and the schemer, each try to find a replacement for her, and the Hôtel du Sans-souci turns into the scene of multiple mix-ups where it’s hard to know who’s who. But not everyone can pull off being Fleur de Senlis, even with the famous hat!

Opened at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal, January 18, 2013. Director: Jean-Luc Moreau. Assistant: Anne Poirier-Busson. Cast: Camille Cottin, Jean Franco, Guillaume Mélanie, Liane Foly, Jean-Yves Roan, Jean-Pierre Allain.

Characters: 2 women - 4 men -
éditions Art & Comédie -

JEAN-CHARLES (shyly) Could someone please explain what’s going on? ALICE Charles-Jean wasn’t here to help us. He brought in Samantha - who’s right here – probably in order to have her record a statement disguised as Fleur, in which she announces that she’s stepping down and passing the baton to her. Except that he told her to meet him here in this delightful little hotel where Philippe, Fleur’s husband, brought me, and where we met Martine, and you, Jean-Charles, were meeting Martine, also in order to pass her off as Fleur. But Samantha warned Fleur, who breezed into the hotel a little while ago. (To Samantha.) That’s when your husband, Maurice, arrived, mistook her for you and swept her off to Jouy-en-Josas. The part I don’t get is that Maurice just came in with Charles-Jean’s briefcase and accused Martine of jumping into his car... Except he mistook her for Samantha! Whereas in reality it was Fleur... But he couldn’t have known that, since to him it could only have been Samantha! Just like for you it could only be Martine. In short, everyone met here without knowing that the others were here too, at the Hôtel du Sans-Souci!!... (A beat.) Are you following, Jean-Charles? JEAN-CHARLES I think so. Let’s just say that a great cloud of lassitude has descended upon me... SAMANTHA Yeah, I’m beat too! I’d love to chug a Red Bull!