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Début de fin de soirée
Clément Michel
Début de fin de soirée
photo : DR
Actes du théâtre n° 77.

2:37 a.m. Félix and Mathilde have just hosted a party for 37 people. It was a great party. Well, at least for Eric, their best friend: It was a great party! He could stick around for another two hours, as he so aptly puts it. And that’s just the problem! Apparently the party’s over. Well, that’s what they think anyway. A wild night with 5 characters who’ve got some surprises in store for them.

‘‘It’s a real hit. (...) Almost like a piece by Jaoui-Bacri, the play is about some mixed-up night owls that paints a clever cartoon-like portrait of these thirty-somethings.’’

Paris Match, July 17, 2005

‘‘We highly recommend this smart, ironic comedy, a commodity so rare in a time ruled by mindless farces.’’

A Nous Paris, June 6, 2005

Opened at the Comédie de Paris, May 3, 2005. Director: Ludovic Pacot-Grivel. Cast: Magaly Godenaire, Clément Michel, David Roussel, Maud Le Guénédal and Vincent Lambert. Revived at the Comédie Caumartin, June 18 – September 14, 2014. Director: Anthony Marty. Cast: Laure Mathurier, Arnaud Cermolacce, Anthony Marty, Virginie Molina and Badr Iffach.

Characters: 2 women - 3 men -
Art & Comédie

Excerpt from Act 1 Scene 1 Félix, Mathilde and Eric(...) Félix picks up the glasses from a tray on the coffee table and takes them back to the kitchen. Mathilde starts tidying up the sideboard downstage. Félix comes back. FÉLIX We can do that tomorrow. I’m exhausted. 2:37! I have to get up in five hours. (Softly.) Where is he? MATHILDE In the bathroom. FÉLIX Let’s tell him we’re going to bed. I can’t take it anymore. MATHILDE He’ll go, don’t worry. FÉLIX Well I am worrying. I know him. He could stay for another two hours. Eric comes back. ERIC I guess it’s time to go. You must be zonked, no? MATHILDE I’m okay. FÉLIX Well, a little bit. MATHILDE Yeah, a bit. Eric slips on his jacket. Félix is feeling happier because he’s about to leave. ERIC It’s embarrassing, I’m always the last one to leave. It’s so impolite. FÉLIX (fake laugh) Someone’s got to do it. ERIC What? Be the last to leave or be impolite? FÉLIX … ERIC You should just tell me when you want to go to bed. You know me, I feel so at home here. FÉLIX Come on, we enjoy it too, Eric. Listen, a party where you’re the last one to leave means it was a success. MATHILDE Sure. You know us, we’ll tell you when it’s time to go. FÉLIX Right, we’d tell you! It doesn’t count this time because you’re leaving. But next time we’ll tell you. ERIC It’s always the same. You make the rounds but you don’t have time to really see anyone. I didn’t even get to talk to François. The two of them left so early. He didn’t look so good, did he? MATHILDE He didn’t tell you? ERIC No, what? MATHILDE Things aren’t going well between them. ERIC Oh, shit. (Sitting down.) Can you tell me about it? Or is it bedtime? I’ll have one last smoke and then I’ll be off. Where’s the ashtray? FÉLIX I must have taken it out to the kitchen. MATHILDE I’ll get it for you. ERIC Don’t bother, I’ll get it. I want to hear about them. That really sucks. Eric goes into the kitchen. Félix looks at Mathilde and claps. FÉLIX Why did you get him started again? He was about to leave. (...)