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Playwrights corner

Eric Assous
© Sylvestre Nonique-Desvergnes
The 21st Century – How was it for you? | Samuel Gallet

« Meeting a dozen writers from around the world, sharing thoughts about how we differ and what we have in common, about our MOs and dead ends, absolutely agreeing, then having a huge argument, turning silent, having a drink together, writing manifestos at three in the morning, plotting against a world that obstinately refuses to match our expectations but that we're still dying to report on – all this confirmed that in my own writing process I can't do without regular contact with other approaches, languages and points of view, and being frequently and constructively thrown off balance. In these toxic days when people usually try to avoid issues – and their views about Art boil down to communications blather and moronic, alienating marketing jargon –– I came back from those ten days in Barcelona raring to go, and thinking only about how soon I would be working with Ceren Ercan in Istanbul, then meeting Artur Palyga in Poland to set up our international company, and then back to Barcelona to organize various theatrical and "poelitical" acts with Alban Ketelbuters, Ferran Joanmiquel and other trusty allies in places that we won't divulge until the last minute. It seems absolutely crucial nowadays to create international venues for experimentation, to tackle the issue collectively and practically of what we're doing at the start of the twenty-first century to address the feelings of political helplessness and overall resignation toward the established order, and finally to progress toward a form of theater that will help take down the current dominant model that is unilateral, one-dimensional, infantilizing, reifying and cynical.
The process has already begun. I heartily thank those who have made this adventure possible – and have opened up real perspectives for me and others – whether they be English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Quebecois, Uruguayan, Turkish, Greek or stateless.

Samuel Gallet
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